[Preview] FX Decentralized Exchange (Alpha Ver Now Available)

Finally, Function X Decentralized Exchange (project name “f(x)Variable”) is on the final stage before the release. We made a very detailed introduction page for our first native trading platform. Before accessing the platform itself, let’s take a look at the intro page first to get some sketch of it. Any suggestions/feedback/questions are welcome.

When click “Learn More” on the “INTRODUCE FX VARIABLE” part, the pop-up of Variable’s 5 underlying modules will show up.

Click the second “Learn More” button, just above the HOW TO PARTICIPATE, 6 more features of Variable would be shown up.


This is looking great!

I am very excited to start playing with and trying out the features.


The asset object is stocks, and crypto assets are connected with traditional financial assets, so that crypto assets are no longer isolated islands, which is very good


Honestly, this looks extremely promising! Can’t wait…


Love it already !!!


I vote yes

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This is crazy shit :heart_eyes:


Awesome guy’s; can’t wait :+1: :grin:


Aside my complaint of fxusd, this looks amazing

Want to buy some US security for so long.

Agree, there are too many regional restrictions for US stocks

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Don’t want to be the ‘smart grammar guy’ but the first screenshot says “7x24 hours”. Shouldn’t it be “24/7” which is universally used. The same goes for screenshot 3.

Just a thought

You are correct.

The UI person’s native language is not English, hence.

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Oops. Thx.
We’ll replace it with the universally used “24/7” in the official release.

Wow am AMUSED !!

Wonderfull news!!!
Please release some incentive mails / tweets / … before launch, so it gets noticed and wakes up peoples interest!!! (don’t start too late with it :slight_smile: )


Nice theme match with the website. Love it so far :fire::fire::fire:

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Awesome work. Looking forward to our growth :+1::smile:

This looks awesome! Nice work team :mechanical_arm:

Also the dex won’t have any liquidity pool stuff right?