Price spike

Not bad!


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A lot of people are starting to take notice of FX. Join me and promote FX there!

Post more about FX


hello, i’m korean. what is going on with f(x)? i don’t know why this coin pumps?

someone tell me, please.

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Someone on upbit exchange took some very big orders that started this movement.

Whales on upbit are known to do this.

thank you for reply. is there any good news from f(x) ? I found pundi(x) collaborate with function (x). is it true?

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in this situation, what should i buy? pundix or function(x) ?

I hope your good suggestion thanks :grinning:

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@1111 I would say both. They both have so much potential. Also pundi x is coming with its own chain soon. Which is connected to FX core


If you did not know this I suggest you do some reading.

Function X is the mainnet infrastructure provider for the coming switch from eth on pundi x chain.

The team made fx specifically to empower the pundix token to be faster and cheaper fees.


Korean people are buying. can’t you explain to us? ;p

Well, the Ecosystem Genesis Fund is now worth more.

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korean loves gamble… i think people are speculating…