Product Pipeline Dashboard NOW MADE PUBLIC!

There has been an update to the public product pipeline dashboard. It includes more items from the product pipeline and even more status/development updates of our product pipeline. This is for both external and internal use.

If you do not fully comprehend the different statuses, or product workflow, you may checkout the board description or the workflow diagram in pdf or png format (Workflow1 & Workflow2).

Additionally, the link has been added to our Function X website.


Thanks :fire: We appreciate the transparency and organization to tasks :+1:t3:


Just checked it out. This is awesome. Very neat and useful. Thanks @Richard


Love it. Able to see every update without asking any questions. With this, AMA won’t have any questions :joy:

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Keep up the good work…You’ll very impressive…looking forward
To your complete success….feeling good about keeping my trust
And faith in this group…keep working hard and smart