Proposal Discussion: Aria Network - xProfile | Web3 Products Development

Project Name: Aria Network
Product: “xProfile”
Proposal Amount: To be defined.
Source Thread: Discussion: Decentralized payment gateway for ecommerce - #20 by chuquis

Aria Network’s goal is to provide web3 end products for consumption. On this occasion we present the product codenamed “xProfile”.

xProfile is the core of the creation of a whole ecosystem that we plan to develop in the fxCore. xProfile will be compatible with different products that we plan to develop, such as: streaming platforms, payment gateways, videogames, social networks, forums, etc.

As mentioned, Aria Network’s goal is to develop the usability of f(x)Core through its products based on the web3. In other words, xProfile is not the only product currently being developed!

However, the current development is slow due to the budget, so access to EGF is necessary to obtain good results. Relax, we know that it is too early for that… That is why we intend to give you some results before we formally realize our proposal in f(x)Core.

And proof of this, we present xProfile in its “Snapshot v0” version:
Link to access:

Requirements to access:

Currently developed functions:

  • Profile creation
  • Profile Editing
  • List of Nft you own

Temporary Test Function:

  • NFT creation by clicking the “Coming soon…” button. :wink:

Functions to Create:

  • Profile Finder (show it to your friends) :wink:
  • NFT effects to make the profile look much cooler!
  • Authentication Protocol

Features to evaluate:

  • Add friends

Our goal for the moment is to continue developing the xProfile and gain the trust of the community to launch our proposal and access EGF to enable and sustain the development of Aria Network for the first year.

Benefits for the Community?
As already mentioned, our goal is to develop the usability of the f(x)Core which translates into a greater use of the FX currency.

Of course, Aria Network does not intend to be closed. We will try as much as possible to make our product compatible with the dApps that developers are making. For example FoxGaming. I have tried to contact them on their official chat and got no answer. Nevertheless, we will do our best to make your FoxGaming NFTs visible and usable in the xProfile!

Of course we want to know your opinion! Any feedback helps us to improve our product development. Feel free to comment :slight_smile:

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Hi :slight_smile: first of all nice to have another project on FX chain. Can’t wait to see more from your project.

Second, I can’t believe you couldn’t reach me….I think I’m the easiest person to get contact to in whole fx ecosystem :blush::blush: feel free to try again :heart:

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Of course I will try again these days! Thank you very much, I hope we can collaborate to make Fox Gaming 100% compatible with Xprofile!

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:100::fire::orange_heart: for sure

New Landing Page! I hope the community can visit it, we are advancing in the development little by little!


Any way to access it without connecting our wallets?

For now no, you need to have metamask installed to test it. We are currently working on compatibility with walletConnect.

However, we do plan to create a feature that will allow users to create a profile without having to connect their personal wallets. This will allow users who have no knowledge in crypto to use f(x)Core without being aware of it, we are still working on it =)

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