Proposal Discussion: Marketing Fee for FX Listing on Top 10 Global Exchange

Hi Function X Community,

We are currently discussing with a Top 10 Global Exchange (the name is confidential at the moment) to list FX tokens and our discussions are in the final stage. The daily trading volume on the exchange exceeds $400 million, and it has a huge international user base.

After a fruitful conversation with the exchange team, our listing team was able to negotiate the waiver of the listing fees. However , in order to distribute the funds to FX traders through various exchange marketing initiatives, we still need to contribute USD 50,000 in FX tokens as a marketing budget (this budget is mandatory).

We have a plan to submit a governance proposal to request this budget from CSP (Community Spend Pool), but we would first like input and feedback from you, the Function X community.

We believe that this exchange listing will increase the user base for FX, which is beneficial for the Function X foundation and all the FX holders. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thank you.


If this will be using fx core network then yes.
Otherwise no. Another erc20 listing wont change the slightest bit.


Yes, I would agree, but I also think it is an important point that Fxcore is also supported, so that we are no longer dependent on the extreme Gas prices for the Eth network.
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+1 for me.

Getting listed on more exchanges offers a better possibility for recognition and exposure, regardless of whether it is ERC20 or FIP / FIP20.

Considering the bigger picture here, mainly for awareness and exposure.

Ideally, supporting both chains would also be great.

  • 1 proposal for ERC-20 liquidity
  • 1 proposal for FIP liquidity

Targeting both markets - broader mindset.


For FX Core chain support, it is a separate discussion with the related exchange. The chain support will be depend on trading volume, total transactions, etc.

As i mentioned previously, token listing will increase the user base for FX, which will increase the factors that i stated above.


there are actually enough high quality erc20 listings… another one would not change 1%…

If this doesnt support fx core then i put a clear NO to this…


I will vote yes
If listing on indodax with fxcore network
I’am having a lot of problems, marketing fx (person to person marketing) for indonesia crypto
need fxcore indodax

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Definitely yes!
The more platforms on which the FX token will appear, the better! More recognition.
And when will the popularity of the network, the token. There will also be a need for exchanges to add an fx core network.

P.S. The “FX FriendsX” validator would vote YES. Definitely)


ByteX Validator will also vote yes The more attention paid to FunctionX the better.
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more exchanges more exposure I’m all for it go for it!

@Alchimist please don’t hinder forward progress, it’s not everything we want but it’s a step forward. that’s got to be hard enough without a hold up within, the cost is not great enough to deny


i wont hinder anything here… just my opinion and calculation that another erc20 listing wont affect anything, since there are already really big and good erc20 listings… anything but a binance for erc20 wont change a thing…

we NEED a fx core supporting CEX, even if its just a 2nd tier exchange… that would be more efficient than another erc20 listing


I disagree I believe we need any move forward we can get, I can imagine the negations that have already been had to get it this far, it’s progress to have another exchange yes? a listing alone speaks we are moving to somewhere


for me personally this is just like bread and circuses for the people… doing “somethin” but not tackling the true problem…

I just speak for me personaly right now…

The “DAOverse” will vote for the majority decision, which may differ from my personal one… So i am just here to bring attention to the true problem and nothing else…

love you all :slight_smile:


if that for fx core support chain i will vote yes


I agree with you
Erc20 listing exchange not make a huge impact
Fx need fxcore chain


but really this not for sure, if we make it nothing - ignore it - not promote it - bugger it lets go tell everyone and make it something - keep in mind maybe it might make all the difference but we don’t know until it’s done hey


I would support it on CSP.
I agree we’d definitely appreciate to get some leverage to see the FxCore classic & EVM network being supported, and it would be really appreciable…

But that’s again a CeFi/DeFi stuff. I’d love to see some real-world stuff being funded…



I want to add my opinion!
The new listings of the FX token on the trading floors are definitely a positive thing. But this does not solve the already existing problem with liquidity on the exchanges and the lack of trading. On popular exchanges, the volume of trading in an FX token often does not exceed $1,000. And these are catastrophic numbers. And they say a lot. This needs to be changed. I hope the new listing is one of the tools!)

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Nice progress… definitely more awareness to $FX and will generate interests on Perp in MarginX.


When I see, PEPE, SHIBA, OSMO directly on Binance for the hype without paying nothing, I think the only winner in our case, is the exchange, have 50k USD in bear market it’s christmas!

For us, it will be another classic pump and dump. We need to build, seduce more users, the best time for listing is after the halving day I think.

And it’s look like than some projects are building on Fx right?

Fx is built for being decentralized. So I will vote No, except if they support FxCore and don’t requiered KYC.

Only my opinion :slight_smile: