Proposal discussion: pre-proposal DAOverse v2

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Founder, Daoverse Games, 15.05.2023

Dear Team, dear community.

Subject: Pre-Proposal for Daoverse Games

I am writing one and a half year after our last proposal to present the new plans on Daoverse Games, to build a leading NFT gaming company poised to revolutionize the gaming industry through blockchain technology. We are seeking a EVM Grant from to support our ambitious goals and facilitate the development of our groundbreaking gaming platform. We have built almost all NFT base by ourself in the meantime and a high-quality base story was written. We have put in one year of hard work to bring this further to being able to start the company. Now we have put in a big amount of funding ourselves and need a last 10,000$ to finalize the foundation.

Introduction to Daoverse Games:

Daoverse Games is an innovative gaming company specializing in the creation of NFT-based games that offer immersive and unique experiences for players worldwide. We believe in the transformative power of blockchain technology and are committed to pushing the boundaries of traditional gaming to deliver decentralized, transparent, and player-centric gaming experiences.

Proposal Details:

We are requesting a EVM OR CSP Grant amount of $10,000 for founding the company and another $50,000 USD from to accelerate the growth and development of Daoverse Games. These funds will be utilized strategically to achieve significant milestones over the next twelve months. We believe that this partnership with FunctionX will be mutually beneficial, as it will allow us to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Game Development: Allocate resources to enhance the development of our flagship game, “Daoverse” a multiplayer fantasy RPG with NFT integration. Our goal is to create a captivating gameplay experience, leveraging the power of FunctionX blockchain for secure asset ownership and seamless in-game transactions.
  2. Platform Expansion: Expand our gaming platform by integrating FunctionX blockchain technology, allowing users to buy, sell, and trade in-game assets securely, transparently, and with low transaction fees. This integration will provide a superior user experience and foster a thriving in-game economy.
  3. Community Engagement: Launch comprehensive marketing and community engagement campaigns to increase brand awareness, attract new users, and cultivate an active and passionate community of players. This will include targeted social media campaigns, influencer collaborations, and participation in gaming conferences and events.
  4. Partnership Collaborations: Forge strategic partnerships with other prominent projects in the blockchain and gaming industries. By partnering with FunctionX, we aim to leverage your expertise and network to strengthen our position in the market, drive innovation, and create synergistic opportunities.
    The multi- and cross-chain approach of FunctionX will allow us to create bridges between Chains that are currently denser populated and bring new users to the platform.
  5. User Acquisition and Retention: Implement user acquisition strategies to onboard a significant number of players onto the Daoverse Games platform. Focus will be placed on delivering an exceptional user experience, regular content updates, and rewards programs to ensure high user engagement and long-term retention.

Milestones for the first twelve Months after founding (initial 10,000$ release):

Month 1-2 (1st release of 10,000$):

  • Complete last necessary papers for the company founding in Kairo
  • Onboard the developers hired in the Kairo Offices

The financial plans are including the hiring of 6 developers.

2 code developer

1 game developer

1 Artwork Sketch Artist

1 Animation Video Artist

1 Sound Artist

Month 3-5 (2nd release of 10,000$):

  • Complete the development of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for “Daoverse” and initiate closed beta testing.
  • Commence integration of FunctionX blockchain technology into our gaming platform.

Month 6-8 (3rd release of 10,000$):

  • Conduct closed beta testing of “Daoverse” and gather user feedback for optimization and refinement.
  • Launch a teaser campaign to generate anticipation and excitement for the game’s upcoming release.

Month 9-10 (4th release of 10,000$):

  • Conduct open beta testing of “Daoverse” on the Daoverse Games platform, leveraging FunctionX blockchain technology.
  • Execute a comprehensive marketing campaign to attract new players and create awareness.

Month 11-12 (5th release of 10,000$):

  • Monitor user engagement and feedback, implement updates, and fine-tune the gaming experience based on player preferences.
  • Evaluate and optimize the in-game economy to promote a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.

After year one:

  • Leave test stage
  • Create the blockchain token (depending on viability as functionx subnet/parachain/token or as another blockchain token with full fx support) to support the massive demand of transactions
  • FX investors and FX team will get a premium presale whitelist spot for the Token launch AND Airdrop to fx community. (depending on launch and presale up to 60.000$ to pay everything back we got from you)

Conclusion: We firmly believe that the partnership between Daoverse Games and has the potential to reshape the future of gaming by combining cutting-edge blockchain technology with immersive gameplay experiences. We are confident that with your support, Daoverse Games will achieve remarkable milestones in the next twelve months, positioning us as a leading player in the NFT gaming space.

We kindly request

@KuzoIV @Alchimist

PS: please feel free to discuss… we hope this time we find a way to collaborate and bring both ecosystems into a better future…

Lets Build this world. Together.

Do not delete this part
Disclaimer: This poll is just a tool to get the sentiment around this proposal and it will NOT affect on-chain voting in any way. If your proposal is getting a good sentiment around the community, it might signal that the proposal is good to go to the next phase, otherwise, some modifications might be necessary.

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  • NO

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Will there be any airdrop of tokens?

oh sorry… it should have said whitelist AND airdrop… i will edit that

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According to what I’ve read, the grant is for starting a gaming company.

  • This means the game is not in development phase
  • Given the number of developers, it might take at least 2-3 years to complete.
  • EGF is meant to fund projects that are in development phase, not to start a fresh company

To put things into perspective:
Avalanche has funded AAA teams with over 50+ devs and 8 figure funding and the teams took at least 2 years minimum. If you are in the gaming industry, you will know that most games in general take more than a few years to even build a functional game.

Putting all the nice words aside, I’ll be very objective since I’m in the gaming industry myself:

  1. Aside from painting a nice story, can we see some examples of in-game progress?
  2. Are there any in-game developments to showcase since you have been building it since 2021?
  3. Are there any playable characters? It doesn’t matter if it’s not finalized yet, do a BTS showcase.
  4. If you are out-sourcing developers, will it be of quality and won’t it be hard to hit milestones?
  5. What type of game are you specifically building? In detail.
  6. Care to elaborate “groundbreaking gaming platform”?
  7. I hope the progress is not about building NFTs but actual gameplay.

I read the whole proposal but there is no mention of what kind of game it is or even the genre.

  • You only mentioned “multiplayer fantasy RPG”. This is obviously not enough.

From a grant or funding business perspective, I would like to emphasize that:

:x: Hard work doesn’t equal to guaranteed funding.
:white_check_mark: Quality is what makes a product qualify for funding.

This applies to any grants or funding, regardless of the industry.

Particularly the gaming industry, which has a higher degree of risk compared to other product categories because of its level of complexity.

Gaming Categories: Which one are you?

  1. Sandbox (Minecraft)
  2. Real-time strategy (RTS - Warcraft)
  3. Shooters (FPS - Halo / CS:GO)
  4. Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA - DotA 2 / League of Legends)
  5. Role-playing (RPG, ARPG - Skyrim )
  6. Simulation and sports ( Motorsport )
  7. Puzzlers and party games
  8. Action-adventure ( Assassin’s Creed )
  9. Survival and horror ( Resident Evil )
  10. Platformer

It’s a gaming proposal but it’s all words and no real detail of the game itself.
I think the proper procedure would be to have a viable product first.

I’m very happy that the community is building something for the ecosystem, but at the same time, it is crucial that we maintain our objectivity.

  • These are all my personal opinions.

@SCENE , I agree with you, but with $60K (400K $FX) in 12 months, we could have a nice demonstrator (at the least) of the game, with a risk minimized considering the timeline and steps.
Notwithstanding with the fact that it would bring a real use-case of blockchain use into FX (and not one of those DeFi things, again…).

I agree though on giving more details about the story and type of game…

However, I’m not in the gaming industry (or not the type of gaming industry you’re used to play with)… But I still consider the risk might be worth it.


Hi Alchimist and DAOVerse team,

First of all, thank you for your support and trust in the Function X blockchain. I’m really glad that you guys continue the vision to build DAOVerse.

I have a few questions regarding your post (this is my personal view and has no relation to the Function X Foundation).

  1. How will you integrate the f(x)Core blockchain into the game? From what I read, the FX token will be the currency in the game, but I did not see the blockchain implementation detail in the post.
  2. For the grant milestone, do you have any result metrics that will include, for example, targeted numbers of users or testers? It will be difficult to evaluate the milestone without any specific metrics. I am trying to be as objective as possible.
  3. What will happen once you finish the development and launch a blockchain token?
    I saw you mention the refund; does that mean you will leave the Function X blockchain and use your own blockchain?
  4. What will happen if the project does not hit all the milestones, for example, if it gets stuck on the 3rd or 5th?
  5. And the most important thing is, what’s your plan to bring more users to your product and Function X blockchain? As you mentioned on the collaborations point, you are planning to partner with prominent projects in the blockchain and gaming industries; do you have the list or contact information ready?

I will re-read the post and ask here if i have any questions.

Thank you.


Thanks for your reply. I try to catch all of your questions. @scene @indra

1-3. yes shady will prepare s showcase of the ingame parts.
4. why outsourcing developers? we are hiring for the created company.
5. the main part of v1 base game will be an open world rpg that will follow the Character through his discovery of the new world he was washed into.
Kind of an “isekai” since the characters are washed into the world through dimensional rifts from different parts of the multiverse.
The first Continent to discover will be the penninsula of Teel with different areas and political parties.
You could say like being a neutral character landing on kalimdor.

The game will allow users to use NFTs as characters in the map to roam, do objectives, gather materials and fight mobs along with other players. On later stages more nfts can be included, like housing or visual upgrades of the character skins.

The game will contain

Several world maps which distinguished by environment and mobs.
Serveral tier mobs for XP and achievements.
inventory system for materials, weapons and outfits and game characters
Forging system to upgrade character in-game stats and weapons stats.
Clan system to allow users to elaborate on fighting mobs within game maps
an extensive storyline (we had two professional writers building a big background and storyline for a year)

step 1 will be PVE, step 2 will include PVP.

In-game characters are unlocked depending on your user nft held in address.
Beside these we will have platform for lores and soundtracks related to the game characters.

  1. The plan is to build the DAOverse as metaverse like platform which is led by the community DAO and us. The Base game, which we will develop with the daoverse games company, will be this open world rpg as described and the main City of this world Teel will act as a Hub, from which different projects and services can be connected. Other projects can for example use the lore and character base to build their own part of the daoverse which will have an entry point in the city. Like going through a portal and you can play a Moba or a shooter with your character which is developed by other parties and connected to the daoverse. Additionally it is possible to access real life services within the city, like e-commerce or education.

  2. no its not. we already finished most of the nft 3d blender work for the nfts over the last year, so this proposal is about 98% gameplay building.

We will use functionx blockchain as a gateway to connect our users to the game by verifying their own NFT using smart contract built on fxcore(all our game nfts and lore cards will be minted on Fxcore).
At later stage we will implement Audio NFT once compatibility is available
how the token is build best to achieve our goals is to be discussed with the fx team aswell. Might be a token on fxcore. Could be an aditional blockchain on fxcore. we can discuss that @indra our plan is to fully include FX as blockchain and dont leave the system. Its just a plan to “always pay our debts” :smiley:
All achievements and game progress will be stored via ipfs service.
The game we are building will take fully 3 years to be fully ready with our current team, but we will have a fully working open world RPG base game in designated time frame.
Each milestone achievements and progress will be available for auditing.
We will have progress and showcasing weekly through starscan forum and our social media channels
We will start releasing official NFTs only after the closed beta is done.
All our nfts will be available on sale through fox gaming as well as the exchange, as well as our ingame items. Users won’t need to directly purchase in game as all assets will be available only on Foxchange and can be purchased via $FX

to the proposal side… as i read your concerns about the risk ratio we could offer to make the first two steps as individuals for the two 10k T2 proposals and then show you what we got…
and if you are all happy with it we will do another T3 full team company proposal for the rest… this could be a solution for your stuck problem aswell @indra

and the most important thing, how to get users to the platform?
the daoverse will be connectable to other blockchains and fx is not the only blockchain we have in mind and shady has build some deeper connections to other developers and communities blockchain wise… I have build some good connections to world class gamers, streamers and influencers… and as shady already said we since this is planned als multichain project… just fx seems to be the technically best solution in current state… so we try to bring the tech of FX and combine it with denser populated chain communities lacking the tech but are easy to connect to FX.


Do not create a token. Use directly $Fx

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Fx token will be the major, As all sales of game assets will occur on Foxchange, our token will have future usecase for DAO and mining through gameplays not purchases.

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Not creating a token will Rob us of the main income and the possibility to create our own dao. I am afraid That’s not possible without creating a governance token.


First of all, I want to say thank you. Because I am very glad that there are people like you in the community! With initiative, with desire and purpose!
This is great! I hope the community will become richer for such participants!
Personally, I’m not a fan of video games! Absolutely. I am always for the real world and games!))) But I understand that it’s popular and cool!) And I understand that Function X needs something bright, popular, noisy! Very.
For constructive questions, I do not have knowledge about the gaming sphere.
But I was surprised by the amount that is requested!
For I always thought that the creation of games

  • This is a multi-million dollar budget. And a great staff of professionals! And it turns out that there is an opportunity to create a game for $ 60K (for launch).
    I know the history of the creation of the game World of Tanks.
    Its creators started working in a small apartment in Belarus. But then huge budgets poured in.
    In any case, I want to see something new, fresh, bright in the FunctionX network!

I noticed that you included a whitelist and a token sale, thus I have some additional fundamental concerns that require your attention.

4 Core Questions and the rationales for them:

1. Do you have a flywheel model for economic sustainability? → Economic Question

  • A business model loop that aligns with the game, token, blockchain, and user interaction.
  • To go more in-depth, what is the in-built structure that employs these 4 components in a loop to make the gameplay and token sustainable while having a looping use-case to minimize outflow?

2. How do you plan to monetize the game from a company standpoint for long term self-sustainability? → Revenue model and sustainability Question

  • Monetization is a vital aspect of any game to ensure continuous progression and to prevent failure.
  • I’m aware that the grant you are aiming for is the startup phase, however, I am referring specifically to the end game monetization model since this was planned for 3 years.

3. How do you intend to expand the team fairly quickly and inexpensively while aiming for a rather sophisticated game? → Proper procedure question

  • The story you’re pitching requires at least a couple million dollars and definitely more than five developers as games have more departments than one might be aware.
  • Let’s be realistic and not get ahead of ourselves by discussing about marketing at this point as the main priority should be about the game and world-building for now - The Product Pitch
  • Take Illuvium for example, before they did any marketing, they had a product showcase on-stage for VCs and $5M was raised. Started in 2020, now it’s 2023 and it’s not complete because of its complexity.

4. Will the game be P2E, F2E, P2O or Hybrid? → Game mechanics questions

  • One of the main concerns for blockchain games, aside from technical part, is its in-game mechanics to incentivize players to continue playing the game. This is where the Retention Strategy comes into effect.
  • Again, we need a separate illustration or diagram to see how the game mechanics will function in-game combined with the economic flywheel
  • Is the game free-to-play for all or does it have requirements, such as owning NFTs, to play? What this means is are you targeting a niche player market base or the broad player market in general?
  • Which player market are you specifically aiming for? F2P or P2W?
  • Do you have the data of the market size you are aiming for? To identify the opportunities in your targeted market vs other sections of the gaming markets.

I am interested in the gaming concept, however, it is still very broad with no clear direction. Since this is a pitch, I would love to see some diagrams or illustrations and visual aids of how you plan to achieve this for each of the core questions.

  • These are just a few of the basic fundamental inquiries an angel may have if you do a pitch deck.
  • I am trying to understand your thought process and to judge whether it is realistic or not.
  • My main concerns are execution and budget, mainly the “How”.
  • I have more deeper questions but I’ll save it for next time as it progresses.

Looking for a concise overview presentation of the business plan, utilization of funds, and more importantly, the flywheel model for the game economy.

Cheers, I’m excited but at the same time trying to be realistic.


I vote yes, and I’m very enthousiast.

But I’m not a gamer, the only game I’ve played and ready to play again was Pro Evolution Soccer and I don’t understand why nobody purpose that on a blockchain with a master ligue mode with NFT to buy and sell with different names for stadium, clubs, and players for licences reasons. Would be awesome

For your project, I totally support it and I also glad to see something building on Fxcore.

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Hey scene, thanks for the good questions… they are really nice to update the whitepaper while writing the answers :smiley: really appreciated… some things may be already been said in the pre proposal and could double, but as i said i want to use this to update the whitepaper so i write it down whitepaper style…

1. Business Loop:

  1. Game Experience:
    The DAOverse offers an immersive online open world multiplayer RPG experience. Players can explore the vast virtual world, complete quests, engage in battles, and interact with other players.

  2. Token Rewards:
    Within the game, players can earn the native token as a special reward. These tokens serve as an in-game currency and can be used to purchase various items, services, and NFTs on the marketplace.

  3. Token Utility:
    The token has multiple utilities within the game ecosystem. It can be used to unlock and play specific NFT characters, acquire powerful in-game items, access premium features or areas, and trade on exchanges for real-world value.

  4. Community Involvement:
    The DAOverse encourages community involvement and contributions to the game’s development. Players can actively participate by creating 3D models, building dungeons, or offering services in the main city of Teel. These contributions can earn them additional tokens as a reward.

  5. Marketplace:
    The DAOverse operates a marketplace where players can buy and sell NFTs using either $FX or the game’s native token. Each NFT represents a unique playable character in the game, and players need to own the corresponding token in their connected wallet to access and play that character.

  6. Token Economy:
    The game’s token economy is designed to create a demand for the token. Players can acquire tokens by purchasing them on exchanges using real-world currency, earning them through in-game activities, or receiving them as rewards for community contributions.

  7. Value Exchange: The tokens earned within the game can be traded on exchanges for real-world currency or used to purchase in-game items, services, or other NFTs on the marketplace. This creates a fluid value exchange between the virtual and real worlds, allowing players to potentially profit from their in-game activities.

  8. Progression and Monetization:
    Players can start their journey in the DAOverse by either purchasing an NFT character or using the Free Character option. The Free Character allows beginners to experience the game and earn tokens gradually through gameplay. Once players accumulate enough tokens, they can either trade them for real-world value or reinvest them to acquire more valuable NFTs, enhancing their in-game progression.

By aligning the game mechanics, token rewards, blockchain integration, and user interactions, the DAOverse business model loop creates a dynamic ecosystem where players can enjoy the game, earn tokens, contribute to the community, and engage in economic activities within the virtual world.

2. Strategies to monetize the game and ensure long-term self-sustainability in the DAOverse ecosystem:

  1. Sale of NFTs:
    The marketplace allows players to buy and sell NFT characters using either $FX or the game’s native token. The company can earn revenue by charging transaction fees or taking a percentage of each NFT sale on the marketplace.

  2. Token Sales:
    The company can periodically conduct token sales of the ingame and/or the governance token, offering a limited supply of the native token to interested players and investors. This generates revenue for the company while also increasing the token’s circulation and utility within the game. This may be needed at some points in the future since the player base could be anything between few hundred at the start into the millions after some years. We just have to leave this possibility open.

  3. Premium Features and Subscriptions:
    The company can introduce premium features or offer subscription plans that provide exclusive benefits and advantages to subscribers. These features could include access to special areas, faster progression, unique customization options, or enhanced in-game services. Players would pay a recurring fee to access these premium features, providing a consistent revenue stream for the company. This is most likely to be done by premium NFTs but can use a subscription plan aswell, this will be based on community demands.

  4. In-Game Purchases:
    The game can offer a variety of in-game items, equipment, cosmetics, and consumables that players can purchase using the native token or real-world currency. These microtransactions can range from cosmetic enhancements to items that provide gameplay advantages, offering players the option to enhance their gaming experience through optional purchases. In addition this can be used as a FIAT onramp to the fx ecosystem.

  5. Collaborations and Partnerships:
    The company can explore collaborations with other brands, artists, world class gamers or influencers to create limited-edition NFTs, exclusive events, or in-game promotions. These collaborations can attract new players, create marketing opportunities, and potentially generate additional revenue through special edition NFT sales or brand partnerships.

  6. Expansion Packs and DLCs:
    The company can release expansion packs or downloadable content (DLCs) that introduce new areas, quests, storylines, and gameplay features. Players would purchase these additional content packages to extend their gameplay experience, providing a source of revenue for the company.

  7. Esports and Competitive Events:
    The DAOverse can host esports tournaments and competitive events where players can participate for a chance to win prizes, including valuable NFTs, in-game items, or real-world rewards. The company can generate revenue through entry fees, sponsorships, and advertising associated with these events.

  8. Licensing and Merchandising:
    As the DAOverse gains popularity, the company can explore licensing opportunities to extend the brand into merchandise, such as apparel, collectibles, and accessories. These licensed products can be sold through official channels, creating an additional revenue stream for the company.

It’s important for the company to strike a balance between providing value to players and maintaining a sustainable business model. By diversifying revenue streams and continuously enhancing the game experience, the company can ensure long-term self-sustainability while keeping players engaged and satisfied in the DAOverse.

3. Expanding the team quickly and inexpensively while aiming to develop a sophisticated game in the DAOverse can be achieved through the following strategies:

  1. Base Company offices in Egypt and Remote Talent Acquisition:
    Our plan to lay foundation in egypt is a big part of this. Since Shady is working and living in Kairo we decided to put out centre there. The tech startup benefits from the egyptian government, taxes, office rental prices and the salaries of developers in egypt are making this Base of Operations a perfect start.
    Additionally we embrace remote work and tap into the global talent pool. By removing geographic limitations, you can attract skilled individuals from different regions who can contribute to the game development. Utilize platforms, job boards, and communities that connect game developers and artists to find the right talent for your team.

  2. Freelancers and Contractors:
    Engage freelancers or contractors for specific tasks or projects within the game development process. This allows you to scale the team as needed without the long-term commitment and expenses associated with full-time employees. Freelancers can bring expertise in areas such as 3D modeling, level design, programming, sound design, and more.

  3. Open Source Collaboration:
    Leverage open-source resources and communities to accelerate development. Participating in open-source projects related to game development can provide access to a wealth of shared knowledge, tools, and libraries. This collaboration can reduce development time and costs by utilizing existing solutions and building upon them. This is actually a big part in the plan since we want to achieve a highly community driven project and have the development hardwired into the token economics by giving token rewards to every accredited creator/modder. We aim to build one of the biggest creator/modder communities existing.

  4. Internship Programs:
    Establish internship programs with universities or game development schools. Offer opportunities for students or recent graduates to gain practical experience by working on specific components of the game. This allows you to bring in fresh talent at a lower cost while providing valuable learning opportunities to aspiring game developers.

  5. Crowdsourcing and Community Contributions:
    Engage the community and passionate players by opening up avenues for them to contribute to the game’s development. This can include hosting contests for concept art, character designs, or level creation. By crowdsourcing certain aspects of the game, you can involve the community while reducing costs associated with in-house development.

  6. Organize Hackathons:
    Organize the annual “DAOverse DevQuest: Unleashing the Digital Realm”. This hackathon would contribute to the game’s development by generating fresh ideas, accelerating prototyping, fostering community engagement, and harnessing the technical expertise and creativity of participants. It serves as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration, advancing the development of the DAOverse ecosystem.

  7. Agile Development Methodology:
    Implement an agile development approach to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and improve efficiency. Agile methodologies, such as Scrum or Kanban, enable iterative development, frequent feedback, and rapid iterations. This allows for faster decision-making, reduced development time, and better resource allocation.

  8. Strategic Partnerships:
    Consider forming strategic partnerships with other game development studios or technology companies. Collaboration can provide access to shared resources, expertise, or even co-development opportunities. By leveraging each other’s strengths, you can accelerate development while managing costs effectively.

  9. Continuous Learning and Training:
    Encourage your existing team members to continuously learn and upskill in their respective areas of expertise. This reduces the need to hire additional personnel for every specialized task. Invest in training programs, workshops, or online courses to enhance the skill sets of your team members, making them more versatile and capable of handling diverse responsibilities.

While expanding the team quickly and inexpensively presents its challenges, a combination of these strategies can help you build a capable and efficient team while maintaining costs within reasonable limits. Regularly reassess your team’s needs and adjust your approach accordingly to ensure the scalability and sustainability of the development process.

4. Will the game be P2E, F2E, P2O or Hybrid?

The game in the DAOverse can be described as a hybrid model, incorporating elements of Player-to-Player (P2P), Free-to-Play (F2P), and Player-to-Other (P2O) interactions. Let’s explore each aspect:

  1. Player-to-Player (P2P):
    The game encourages player interactions and collaboration within the virtual world. Players can form parties, guilds, or teams to embark on quests, engage in battles, or tackle challenging content together. P2P interactions enable cooperative gameplay, socialization, and the formation of in-game communities.

  2. Free-to-Play (F2P):
    The DAOverse provides a Free Character option, allowing beginners to play the game without the need to purchase an NFT character initially. They can earn tokens through casual playtime or by offering services as a community game developer or accredited service provider. This F2P approach ensures accessibility and allows players to experience the game before committing to purchasing NFTs or other premium features.

  3. Player-to-Other (P2O):
    The game incorporates Player-to-Other interactions by providing opportunities for players to contribute to the development of the game and the ecosystem. This can include creating 3D models, building dungeons, or offering services in the main city of Teel. These contributions can earn players additional tokens as a reward, allowing them to actively participate in shaping the game world and engaging with other players through their creations.

By combining these elements, the DAOverse creates a dynamic environment where players can engage with each other, explore the virtual world, and contribute to its development. The hybrid model ensures a balance between player interactions, accessibility, and opportunities for players to actively participate and influence the game’s evolution.

The flywheel model fosters a self-reinforcing cycle of player engagement and growth. Engaging gameplay and quests lead to token rewards, which can be used to acquire desirable NFTs. As players accumulate NFTs and engage in community contributions, the value of their in-game assets and opportunities for monetization increase, further incentivizing continued engagement and growth within the DAOverse.


Given the amount requested and the multiple steps involved, I would suggest you provide a comprehensive WP after this forum discussion is finished, and that a proposal be made.
I strongly suggest that we obtain team’s agreement thru a dedicated team, and that Community Pool be used for tokens distribution.
All we really need is making sure quorum is reached.



thx for the answer…

yep i totally agree with the creation of the WP, we will need it anyway… i will create it while discussion takes place…

Hi how the game play
Do they have caracter build
Like int, str, con, dex
Light armor, heavy armor, magic armor
Weapon like sword, bow, dager, magic staff etc

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Yes, the game will have status table for characters and weapons .

As well as variation of weapons set. Including what you mention above

I will illustrate everything with in-game videos in upcoming days while discussion is on about the proposal

there are the 5 classic main stats STR, DEX, WIS, INT, CHA
and 2 secondary stats ENERGY, HEALTH

20 classes with each 12 subclasses
240 characters (subclasses) in total = 240 base nfts to collect (premium skins not counted)

subclass fighter

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Thank you for the reply, Alchimist.

However, the proposed solutions for the business loop are standard and generic answers, independent on its own, and don’t yet reflect a flywheel economic loop which may lead to outflow. Game companies usually do an in-depth live presentation of their game model without angels needing to request.

  • Do you have plans to hire a game economy designer or do you already have one?
    It’s one of the key jobs in the gaming industry to keep the vitality of the game burning bright.

What constitute a game’s economy framework? Since it’s an open-world MMO.

Game System: (Just a minor part) → Gold equals to in-game currency or token in this case.

  • Kills a monster → (PVE or Player vs Environment)
  • How much gold a monster should drop → (Inflation and balance of player progression)
  • How often the gold should drop → (Rarity and control of game’s inflation)
  • What the gold can be used for internally and externally → (Value proposition)

Adjusting the game economy to strike a balance between earning income in-game and oversupply of gold or in-game currency is pretty significant as failing to do so may lead to mass inflation of in-game currency and deteoriation of the game, which leads to outflow again.

  1. This requires someone who specializes in mathematics, finance, and economics, including monetization and abstract concepts.
  2. The lore of a game is important but its economy design is more significant as this is what makes players continue playing the game while maintaining the game’s balance and progression.

Player System:

  • Players who love to discover new areas (Discoverers)
  • Players who love to grind and level up on leaderboards (Rankers)
  • Players who spends their time socializing in-game (Socializers)
  • Players who enjoy doing quests and completing the lore (Achievers)
  • Players who love to theory craft (Game Theorist)

Do you have all these basic frameworks prepared? Game lore or story alone is not enough for a game.

There’s too many categories to list and the answers given are quite standard but have no depth or real detail to it on how the game economy actually works yet.

If a user purchases a subscription for example, will there be follow-ups that lead from one decision to another for the user to do recurring purchases? Retention and revenue model, otherwise, they may purchase it only once which leads to outflow again.

I’m inquiring because it’s a pretty ambitious project with multiple milestones but a very limited budget.

  • Love the ambition but again, these are just in theory at the moment.

Since this is a pre-proposal, I’ll wait for the finalized whitepaper, product showcase, and player live test before asking more questions since those are the main priorities.

I’m always open to entrepreneurs creating games as I do have 55 actual world class Web2 players, ranging from Secret, Fnatic, TSM, PSG.LGD and more under my wing but I still have to maintain my objectivity.

Cheers and looking forward to the presentation!

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