Proposal for a monthly recap video

Hi everyone,

Last week, I had the idea to design a monthly dynamic video of less than 1 minute. This video would be a short summary of 5 key events, either value or text, that happened during the month (e.g. EVM implementation) with a very short summary to give some context. The aim is to show what is happening in the community in a dynamic, fun and regular way.
I’ve attached a screenshot to give you an idea of how this might look. The graphic aspect is not fixed and may evolve quickly.

However, in order for these videos to see the light of day every month, I have to do some research to find the elements to put forward. Then, maybe someone could validate the information to make sure it is true but also, maybe to provide more accurate information.

First of all, do you like the idea? And secondly, do you think it can be implemented?

Thanks in advance,


Full support around here !!
Excellent initiative…


Yes is a good idea, and Third Governance Voting - f(x)DM - Function X Decentralized Marketing