Proposal to airdrop for cross chaining into fxevm and for holder address (suggestion)

Everyone in the FunctionX community, HEAR YE! HEAR YE!

The team is considering the possibility of airdropping FX through 2 avenues

  • Whoever bridges tokens worth > 75 USD from the listed chains will receive the following
    • Tron / Ethereum == 2 FX
    • Bsc == 1 FX
    • Polygon == 0.5 FX

This is to cover bridging fees (or a portion of) as well as swapping fees on fx-swap

  • 10FX to addresses that have delegated to validators pre-EVM upgrade as a token of appreciation for sticking around this long and redefining the HODLer mentality

We’d like to hear from you about this and we appreciate your feedback! After all, My money don’t jiggle, jiggle, it folds!


What a coincidence, I’m literally listening to my money dont jiggle jiggle now. :rofl:

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Hello, it is very considerate of the team. I would like to mention the following points:

  1. the amount of airdrop is very low, considering the price of FX coin in the open market. If this airdrop is coming from community spend pool, please consider raising the amount of airdrop. Large airdrop will create a buzz which FX/PundiX need.

  2. if the team decides to increase the amount of airdrop, it should be proportionate to the amount and time of FX delegated to make it fair.

Thank you!

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Well my money’s in half….it’s not jiggling either…hey We have a great project that’s building for the future….It needs fuel…though Will be much higher in the future Today couple of FX is not worth the extra energy to Rouse masses….By all means give away FX…something better than nothing….maybe couple million burn will help created by usage…Believe they call it Tokenomics…

Airdrops are always very nice and appreciated!

Though some sort of burning mechanism for the cross chaining instead, i think would benefit community more i think, burning can be a great markering tool.

Airdrop for hodlers, great!

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cool, but when will we be able to use cross-chain bridges on the web?

We are on it.

cool expect!!!

And is it possible to upgrade the cross-chain bridge to cross-chain Swap? just an idea


  1. the airdrop for x-chain bridge is kept relatively low so that users wont be able to bridge in, amass a balance of FX in multiple wallets, consolidate them and then bridge them out
  2. good point raised, but we will see if we have the resources to do this

@Jan something we can consider in the future

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Finalising the plan for the airdrops:


  • Whoever bridges tokens worth > 75 USD from the listed chains will receive the following
    • Tron / Ethereum == 2 FX
    • Bsc == 1 FX
    • Polygon == 0.5 FX


  • users are required to delegate more than 1,000 FX
  • the airdrop amount is 10 FX

Would you prefer the airdrop to be funded from the Community Spend Pool or the foundation?

  • Community Spend Pool
  • Foundation

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I Agreed with jan. Fx need a burn mechanizm this is very importend. !

Every 1000 fx delegation 10 fx is an ideal airdrop to encourage


Voted foundation funding, but not sure what is most common?
First impression is that it is more logical.
But dont know what is more beneficial??
So little doubt.

So if someone can tell what are pro’s and cons for both, it would be appreciated.

I can imagine community spending pool also, because airdrop is for community hodlers and delegators.

Since some prefer burn and some with the little help with the bridge fees, i can suggest if it was possible to have an input box option, where the bridge users can choose if they need the assist, or burn the living day lights out of them…

I chose community SP. Since it was more designed for the communities, and the foundations I’d prefer to leave for other structural works.

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I proposs make A NEW POOL and wait