Proposals Category

Might be an Idea to create a Proposal Category in the forum to make it easier to search for Proposals


A Suggestion with the chats maybe give someone with a proposal 30seconds to pitch their one pager

say a person has pitched their proposal for a few weeks and just committed their 10k FX for the votes wisely just before a voice meeting and notifies chat admin they wish to have a 30second vocal pitch; sometime in the meeting their given the Mic and 30 seconds to pitch their proposal and if their in luck inspire people to vote then and there. be wise for people in your 30 seconds to inform people how to vote for you as there are always new people

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Maybe it would be good for the project owners to host twitter spaces voice calls on a update schedule for their interested parties.

I think it is a great idea to have a session on Twitter Spaces to pitch to community.
It is something that the project owner can consider.


yes or do it this way separate from the pundi meetings


Would be good to compile all the proposals into 1 category. Kinda messy if we have to search through “Latest Post”.

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Done. The proposals will be in the sub-category “Function X Proposals” in the developers category.