Public Validator Alif

To incentivize fx delegators to move from company validators to public validators, @alif_fx has reduced commission rates to 0% until further notice!

Alif offers:
-High Performance Servers
-Benchmark Uptime
-Network Security Redundancy
-Competitive Rates Lifetime Guarantee

Chat with us on Telegram - Telegram: Contact @fxalif
Twitter -

High Performance Servers: we operate servers with backup hardware clusters and redundant network connections. This enables us to have maximum uptime

Benchmark Uptime & Network Security Redundancy: Alif operates multiple sentry nodes (located at different locations). This gives DDOS protection from bad actors and ensures maximum uptime. In addition, we have a backup server ready to take over if it all fails!

Competitive Rates Lifetime Guaratee: until further notice, our commission rate are set to 0%. When it’s time to increase rates, advance notice will be given. We guarantee lifetime competitive rates!


very nice support .
thanks a lot for all your help in this Projekt

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