Pundi X Chain validators can now go live!

Dear Pundi X Community,

Thank you so much for your participation in the voting to decide the order of Pundi X Chain validators! The ones the community voted for are notified through email, please check your email inboxes and start setting up/ running your validators now!

Some of the community validators already live on Pundi X Chain. Congratulations and thank you for helping to make Pundi X Chain a more decentralized network.

Since there are some names of the new validators that are the same as the existing company’s hosted validators, the names of these validator nodes, Superbit123, ClaudioxBarros, and Pundix Sherif will be changed to Celeste, Atlas, and Orion which are named after the names of the galaxies.

Thank you all for the support from the start, together we have gone through launching the Pundi X Chain on f(x)Core, kick-started the DAO voting mechanism on Pundi X Chain, the first governance proposal on Pundi X Chain, and now increasing the max validators from 20 to 50. Step by step, we’re moving toward the decentralization of the Pundi X Chain, and your constant support and trust are essential to the process.

Let’s keep BUIDLing and keep the momentum going.


Fox Validator ist ready to roll!

Validator pxvaloper1lh2hqd5tyc6m3m60tl4ndhwzn8twy5jxyfyzal | Function X StarScan

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Cool!. Who should I contact in order to request officialy being a validator. I contacted with support mail without any response.

I think the selection is already over, but please check again.