Pundi X • El Salvador and more opportunities to come

I’ve been reading about others potential countries a part of El Salvador to accept Bitcoin as a Legal Tender.

There are rumours about Paraguay to be the next.


I created this topic to let people talk about this. Everybody, If you know or if you think a country could be the next, it will awesome to share it here. To let community investigate information related.

We have to be the one, we have to be like Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, but for store payments.

Let’s go!!

In addition:

This move is quite good! But we must not fail.


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This is the type of community effort we all need to get behind.

@zaccheah When these XPOS are ready to ship, If Nayib is willing, a video showing off how the technology works with him in person would be a massive step towards recognition. We have not had a XPOS video since the original coffee shop one to my knowledge and I think this would be a fantastic opportunity to create the grassroots marketing the team seeks to do.

Also imagine the opportunities for showcasing how the XPOS can have a deterministic ROI with the mining function. These owners will be excited to have a functioning crypto payment system that also earns for them when there are no customers!

Hire some Spanish translators to help explain the technology to each of the vendors that receive devices and followup to make sure they are aware of how it works. The worst thing that could happen is the locals get these machines and then just try to resell on eBay. Show them how powerful it is.



That video would be priceless!! :astonished:

We have to find a person of the El Salvador Gov for talking about this, besides writing to the President (think is quite difficult right now because of all this situation, but we have to try).


As mentioned before “Pundi needs to tell a story, show us the company, your employees, your merchants using the xpos through pictures, videos or even in text-form. How many of us have seen an xpos in action?
The best example for me was a recent published webpage. This is something I am missing in the whole pundi story.”



I think even with the covid situation hands on tutorials by the pundi team would be a amazing foot forward. This can all be documented and used for promotion. It is both outreach and goodwill at the same time.

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@zaccheah that would be great for exposure and adoption!!

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@zaccheah If you need a Spanish translation just tell me. I’m from Spain.

Adding more countries that showed up interest with Bitcoin adoption:

  • Panama :panama:
  • Paraguay :paraguay:
  • Mexico :mexico:
  • Argentina :argentina:

I think there’s a point which join these countries. Difficult economic situation and a oficial currency that is not stable like USD, EUR, GBP and others. This is the key, Latin and Central America, Africa and some countries of Asia have the opportunity to give stability to them economies with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, thanks to the appreciation of its value because of the demand.

What do you think??

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Some more south Amerikanen politians into crypto are:










One more country… Brazil :brazil:




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Also, this politician said one more thing :point_down:

I don’t know, officially, but I think this travel is not only for receive the 100 XPOS gifted. This move seams like they want to cooperate with PundiX buying a lot of more XPOS and XPass for the people to make the adoption as quicker as it can be done.

We’ll see. I said that this is our opportunity to go to another level, and I have to say that you, PundiX Team, are doing this so well.

Congrats!! WHO’S NEXT?? :sweat_smile:


The time coming :muscle: #GrowingStrong


People are talking via twitter spaces about bitcoinization in Spanish. They are talking about El Salvador and what types of countries could accept Bitcoin as a Legal Tender.


They are pointing these aspects:

  • Countries without own fiat currency could make the switch.These countries are Panama and Ecuador.

  • Countries like Brazil or Argentina (this with an huge inflation +4% per month) that Bitcoin will help theirs economy, won’t accept it short term because of the governments, they won’t accept this loss of control.

Other topic they are talking about is the pressure of Worldwide Central Banks like European Central Bank, World Economic Forum, etc. are making and will make against this type of adoption.

Really interesting!!

Hopefully El Salvador can push it through.
Because if the want a loan from IMF or anyone else the are not gonna accept Bitcoin and will find it to much risk to invest in.

IMF spreekt zorgen uit over El Salvador en Bitcoin - BLOX | Nieuws

Next is South Afrika?




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