Pundi X Interview with CEO Zac Cheah in 2017 brings back memories

I really hope @zaccheah can do more interviews like these with more people. Even if it’s the same questions, as long as it is a different interviewer.

I would say among ALL the interview videos that Zac did with on Youtube, this interview was by far the best and most detailed explanation by Zac.

  • Answerings questions from interviewer with confidence
  • Showcasing the XPOS in real-time
  • Showcasing how to purchase different cryptocurrencies on the XPOS
  • Tapping the XPASS on the XPOS will show your current balance
  • Showcasing how to SELL your cryptocurrencies on the XPOS also
  • XPOS price feed is working so seamlessly back then, now even more so with ChainLink
  • XPOS has no delay in-between clicks, it is smooth
  • You can literally buy anything with the XPOS, from a bottle of water to a big ticket item
  • Many many more in the video

After watching this video again, i have even more conviction to buy more Pundi X and actually own the XPOS device myself for convenience sake.

Tap and buy / Tap and sell - Easy and seamlessly

Honestly, no other interviews at the moment can beat this and it was in 2017. Even the viewers in the Youtube comments agree.


@zaccheah I agree Can you do an update with the same energy with someone this would be good for us, with inclusion of FX spill some facts and numbers, Please

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The team from CryptoGrinders (that interview) are awesome, they were the first YouTube influencer to discover us in a time when many didn’t want to grant us non paid interview, they did.

Also, there’ll be a YouTube interview in a week or two from another influencer.


Cool! I’m excited!