Pundi X needs some branding and marketing campaigns

Hey pundiX you got enough budget I think. do some branding. Branding is not a logo. But it’s making your audience feel a certain way about your company. I really know we can change te sentiment and put you asome project out there so everyone’s knows. Check www.DigitalBilly.nl I would love to help! I would do a touch, tell and sell campaign. I would fly over with my team. Hope to hear from you.


are you here for the pitch? or are you an investor? :smiley:

either way is fine… just curious


We do need a marketing and branding campaign to restore the sentiment and reduce the FUDders to ashes. From the ashes rises new investors that did proper DYOR like a phoenix.

Could be anything for marketing: crypto influencers on social media or sites, billboards, events and contests, comparison with other projects in same category (like that pic with ADA), collabs.


Is there a possibility to invest in a marketing/branding bureau?

To promote your brand (Pundi) as a whole (= Xpos / Pundix / Fx / …)

  • Target audience are on the one side your merchants (and their customers).
  • On the other side, you have your Pundix and Fx-investors (and possible customers or merchants of the xpos in the future).

All of this, because strangely enough coins/companies with no future or projects backing behind them seem to get far more attention of the masses, all because of their marketing.

Pundi needs to tell a story, show us the company, your employees, your merchants using the xpos through pictures, videos or even in text-form. How many of us have seen an xpos in action?
The best example for me was a recent published webpage. This is something I am missing in the whole pundi story. Have a read: https://www.lnkd.earth/ops/is-pundix-a-scam
(PS: some big minus-pointers on there which the team needs to work on. But all in all fun to read.).
Another good example is the coffeebar with zac… But that is already from 2017: Pundi X in coffee shop - YouTube

Also for me a marketing bureau needs to help Pundi with their way of communicating to the outside world. They can help with all the negativity surrounding Pundix at the moment. You have to take in mind that not only investors but also xpos merchants and customers and B2B partners read this.
They can also mobilize the pundi-army (if I count reddit/twitter/facebook/ …) Pundi has a army of 250.000 supporters!!!
They can pull some strings with influencers, make contests, giveaways… How many fan’s know about your beautifull merchandise? https://merchandise.pundix.com/#/

Listing Pundix and Fx on coinbase (and other exchanges) is also a big marketing strategy. Why are there so many Dutch people holders of Pundix. Because the biggest Dutch exchange has it on their market-list! But I am certain that this is also high on Pundi-list.

Hope to see a reply. Take care guys and btw: Nothing but admiration for your work and dedication!!!


Or simply supporting members who are eager to do the work on the ground.


That also.

Other thing about Dutch holders is one of the biggest is bc of Bitvavo. It’s the most popular and trusted exchange in the Netherlands with like 50 projects and Pundi X is one of them. If there was no Pundi X in there i would never found it.


Perhaps we can make short advertising clips on YouTube showcasing pundix and function x.


It’s about time to do marketing in EL salvador I think legal issues is out of the question now. We should follow up this momentum. We have a great product but only handful knows about us. big company will join the party for sure now and we have to act fast.


TV or Radio advertising!!! Targeted for each countries own needs and use case

We also need some how to tutorials on youtube to show how to topup your wallet and also using Xpass In real-time… Just my thoughts

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Related to this: I’m trying to get a hold of a digital asset repository of XPOS, PUNDI X, and FX blockchain graphics, images, and source video files so I can develop some high level marketing to promote the power, opportunity, and unfolding story of this technology. So far, nothing appears to have been assembled and most videos look like they were quickly filmed smart phone videos. How can we convince Walmart, Starbucks, banks, and governments with these assets? Whoever is within the Pundi organization, let’s work together to build that repository of branded assets so I and others in the community can take our marketing to the next level and get the Pundi story out there. Cheers.


Paid promotions on the various Social medias

I dont like them but it is a necessary evil!!

Similar videos to the coffee shop video would be great

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Have a thought about marketing focus… could be used to get people to dig deeper into Pundi/Function and the ecosystem as a whole. Specially Whales.

Please share thoughts.

There is endless information out there about inflation and the fragility of the current financial system.
Here is just 1 example.

This Is How the Financial System Dies: Protect Your Money Now Urges Lynette Zang. [Stansberry Research]

Jist is… Gold and Silver to hedge risk.
Question is… Does Pundi have a solution.
Answer is Yes…

PundiX - XPass
Gold, in your hands

What is XPass
Announcement: Pundi X partners with Digix to exclusively bring Gold Tokens to Indonesia

DigiX (DGX)… legit?
S&P Global Platts Precious Metals Industry Leadership Award 2020.

This is the info that peaks interest… Will encourage potential investors to look into Pundi and what we are all about. This new technology is in its infancy… will take time to evolve. Pundi is miles ahead of a vast majority of other projects.
This GOLD tip will peak curiosity