Pundians needed on Twitter spaces

Evening Pundians. I wanted to ask if we have any confident, articulate Pundian who don’t mind presenting what the XPOS is, and what Pundi X eco is all about on twitter spaces.

It might be a good idea to have our eco introduced out there by speaking live. Perhaps even engaging by simply listening in, is a good first step.

Just an idea of getting the word out there tbh. The twitter audiences will be able to relate to Pundi/XPOS right away.

Maybe we already have someone who does public speaking on a regular basis in the community… :crossed_fingers:

There are tons of projects out there who hold discussions. We have this unique utility that isn’t tapped yet, nor is it known to many the full potentials of it.

It’s an idea, maybe reach out here on this post and create our own army, or go further and have own community spaces… All ideas to play around with and work with.

Rather than playing around in telegram amongst ourselves (which can be fun and engaging, I feel you) but maybe we can try out something different and a change.

Let me know your thoughts. :v:


The potentials are;

-attracting current business owners
-Potential distributors
-getting them listed
-peek their interests at the very least
-bring awareness
-Merchants can earn per tx
-all aspect of the tech, eg on/off chain, stable coin settlement, etc etc
-custom xpass
-talk of decentralised XPOS, nodes etc
-limited supply/delegation/validations
-increasing holders
-increasing network via their word of mouth
-Global spread wide acceptances with listing
-PundiX stores
-bringing in fresh faces, and perhaps fresh ideas
-more links through them… :crossed_fingers:
-master distributor
-Partnerships… :crossed_fingers:
-who knows, but the pros outweigh not trying at all
-etc etc


hi Superbit123!

It’s a GREAT idea and you know what, I personally think YOU are the perfect person for holding such activities. First of all, you know all about Pundi X and what team has been doing for years. Second, you are a long standing supporter of the community which everybody counts on heavily. Last but least, you are a great presenter! I’m sure we all enjoyed it when you share your thoughts during Function X AMA/all-hands, and it will be such a shame to not have you voice up more often!

Maybe you can host one Twitter Space chat for starter? I think it’ll be a great kick-off!


Morning Judie.

I’ll respond properly afterwards (just at work). I freeze and my heart pounds out my chest lol. My mind cross chains between escape key or help. Lol.


:rofl: but you did great at the Function X meeting the other time, I was impressed!

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Thanks Judie. I’ve left a voice note (in case you missed it in the group).

Update; please press play on the gif Judie :upside_down_face:

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