$PUNDIX is so cheap

Pundix is very cheap at 75 cents. There are only 258 million supply. We have around 200000 followers in pundixlabs twitter. If everyone buys 1000 coins we will able to buy whole supply. Im going to double the times coins i have today. Lets buy and hold. Lets skyrocket to moon


I put soon €100 in it. Not much but it’s honest work. Spend most of my money between €6-1 like a moron.


the value will grow organic Pundi wouldn’t like a pump movement, Pundi’s a life time project with long term future, the wealth will come naturally there is no need to try force it


Wow :flushed::flushed: luv it

What he said!!

However if the team decides to do an Airdrop for us forum Members, or Announces a HUGE!! Q2 Burn that would be awesome for our short term price!