Hello guys, don’t we have any value for you as pundix investors? Building trust is the most important factor in business. Why not make a statement or announce a deal to build trust? we’ve been waiting for a satisfying explanation for days, why all our questions have been ignored by CEO Zac. no explanation was made. Also in the tweeter, some people write that pundix is a nice project, but you bought it at the highest price like a stupid and now you are crying, in these articles it upset the investors more especially the jasper nickname in the twetter writes rude answers to everyone and makes the investors more angry.

Jasper has a point. Its a token, so Zac, or any Pundi X employees DONT control the price of Pundi X.

But the project itself is great. Do your own research on the website and you will see. At the moment you need patience.

edit: added DONT…

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Unfortunately that can’t be true, we cannot manipulate the market in any way shape or form, it’s all just supply and demand. The only thing we can do to acquire new members/investors is trough achieving our goals and good marketing, both are tasks we are trying to do as good as we can.

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