Pundixlabs Hackathon

Hi @zaccheah @DavidK @eduardstal @Peko and @all as usual, am always suggesting things that most people feel its impossible. My philosophy.

“Nothing is impossible Except to give Life into a body”

Is it possible the teams set out some funds from the EGF funds to organize Pundixlabs Hackathon.
It should be in a country where visa is easy and ofcouse, all COVID-19 rules and regulations should be followed.

With this, i believe interested EGF participate can get to meet each others and join heads/project together to bring a perfect project proposal,.

Ofcouse, other developers from other project will be invited.

@eduardstal can develop a simple web invitation whitelist where to accept the invitation or if you want to be a part of the Hackathon, you pay just 1fx or 1pundix ( using fxchain or Pundixchain : its can be developed into f(x)wallet ) or use directly from a system browser connecting fxwallet…

Also, we can open up channel for support and donation if need be. Funds can be use for massive and attractive marketing and expenses.

This medium can improve all aspects of Pundixlabs product because ideas will flow in from every corner how to improve the ecosystem and our products.

What do you guyz think??



I believe that a hackathon is a great way to expand the number of dapps that will exist on the function x chain. with more dapps on the chain, it can incentivise people to stay on the function x chain and expose our users to more blockchain technologies.

We could use platforms such as devpost.com, gitcoin.co to host these hackathons. Topics such as SDK enhancements, deFi apps such as DEXs, borrowing/lending protocols, NFTs marketplace are examples of how we could structure out the bounties.

Just my two-cents!

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