PURSE AMA on Jun 23rd 9:00 PM GMT+8

Hey guys!

We’ll going to have our first PURSE AMA! Mark your calendar on Jun 23, 2022 09:00 PM GMT+8 and register here to join:https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0kf-qprzsqHtbiOyznG6wjCpjBXONsCdT5

Developer Yanping and data analyst Kevin will share the updates :smiley:

Leave you questions about PURSE here in the comments and we’ll answer them during the session!

  1. Future plans
  2. Cause of price drop
    3.Do you have any plans to list on the exchange?
  1. What is the benefit of PURSE Tokens?
  2. How soon are we expecting PURSE in XPOS and/or DEXPOS?
  3. What are the use cases of PURSE Token?

Do you have any plans to add Amazon gift cards to redeem with Purse Token the same you did with Netflix?

  1. Please explain in detail when BDL happens when we stake and farm.
  2. why is taking APR so low 17% comparing to farm 188%

Thank you all for the questions! Remember to register to join the session https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0kf-qprzsqHtbiOyznG6wjCpjBXONsCdT5

See you later!


Farms has a higher APR because when yield farmers provide liquidity to a DEX like Pancakeswap/Uniswap, they are entitled to receive a portion of the trading fee ~ 0.3% (usually) and is shared based on their total liquidity share. They earn fees on a daily basis.

  • Have to provide an equal amount of 2 different token to the pool
  • Earn a portion of the trading fee ~ 0.3% based on your liquidity share
  • APR fluctuate constantly depending on the volume traded so it is not fixed

Higher volume = More Fees = Higher APR

Farms are exposed to impermanent loss risk.

Staking has a lower APR because it doesn’t have any impermanent loss risk (Single Token) because its main function is to secure the blockchain, earn block rewards and not to provide liquidity.

  • APR depends on Block Emission Rate
  • Single token staking - no LP risks
  • Mainly for securing the blockchain / earning block rewards

Farms focuses on gaining the highest yield with higher risks while staking is for earning consistent block rewards. Both has its pros and cons.

  • This is staking vs farming - BDL is just a bonus mechanism.

The explanation above can be applied to every coin - whether it has BDL or not.

I can see the same question being asked again once FXSwap goes live. FX doesn’t have BDL but FX farms will definitely have higher APR than its staking APR.

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