$PURSE token supply

Hi all,

As we all know, $Purse token has been launched and the website to claim (for $PUNDIX holders) & convert (for $NPXSXEM holders) went live yesterday.

It has been 5 months since the first post (article posted by Zac) and users now can get the tokens.

I am opening this thread to discuss regarding to the maximum supply of $PURSE token. As mentioned in the article, “There is no maximum supply for $PURSE tokens unless the governance voting decides otherwise”.

Should we add maximum supply for $PURSE token? Community can vote for the numbers (i.e 1,000B, 750B, 500B, etc). Some advantages of having maximum supply are to protect holder’s benefits and to give a clearer picture of the token supply.

Let’s discuss in this thread, I would like to gather opinions from the community members.


I would opt for 500B or less.

A token cap will help to define the token further
According to the parameter of PUNDIX Chain, currently the $PURSE block reward shall be generated approximately 10billion annually (258m * 3000%-4000%)

I think somewhere between 200billion to 300billion (15 years emission)might be good, apart from the current 20%BDL


250B it is then :smiley:

  1. I suggest 258,XXX,XXX,000 as maximum supply for $PURSE.

  2. I further suggest to match the XXX,XXX number of $PURSE with that for the maximum supply of PUNDIX at 258,XXX,XXX after the next PUNDIX token burn.

  3. While $PURSE is going to take an entirely different path in so far as how its maximum supply will evolve vis-à-vis PUNDIX maximum supply, it is important to create a relationship with PUNDIX maximum supply at genesis of setting $PURSE maximum supply.


well because of the npxsxem absorption we need to be above that supply quantity don’t want to go through another redenomination; so I think better to be close as possible to the lowest we can be the rewards need to gather a value to bring us attention now. 300 to 500 Billion tops

250 - 300 Billion

Yes, one thing that we need to consider is the 20% BDL part.

It will reduce the total supply in the future.

it is good if we can connect with PUNDIX supply

Easier to remember and connect


true, the maximum token supply is just the ceiling to stop minting new tokens

and with BDL mechanic applies, it will slow down and even diminish the process of hitting the ceiling

No insight about Purse token supply myself…

Sounds like good idea though to connect to pundix supply.
And maybe even the burn same amount as pundix burn x xxx quarterly.

$PURSE has the BDL mechanism.

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conect PUNDIX supply 258B.


No insight about Purse token supply myself…
With this i mean that i lack the knowledge to say something intelligent about token max supply :grin:

My common sense says what others have stated here, max supply of 258B, connected to pundix token.

I conform to teams decision in this matter :slightly_smiling_face:

Please explain why there was no limit to the supply at first please,

The deflationary nature of the BDL model for $PURSE would already be limiting its maximum supply unless the maximum supply being discussed here is set too low and become a ceiling to stop minting of $PURSE.

So if it has BDL inside no need of max supply right?

  1. Yes, that is my simplified explanation to your question.

  2. And, that is now the current discussion here.

right, with BDL mechanics it will keep reducing the supply, so In theory, as long as the transaction going on, PURSE will not reach the maximum token supply. The maximum supply of the ceiling is a watermark by stopping to mint / create new token

one more concern is, if there is no maximum token supply, people might get confused and FUD if they do not understand the mechanics

My logic if there a ADL 20% then no need of max supply I guess…

In what circumstances adding supply would occur, may I asked?