Please arrange the purse coin incineration and event quickly.

The price is going down.
It’s like saying that you’re losing your charm.

For example, FisherMan

What do you think?

Coin is a distribution and community.

I think the value increases only when the supply and demand are right.

If you don’t make and manage it, the brand’s image will gradually go down.

I think that’s reflected in the coin price.

PURSE is not designed for trading or Price speculation, the value will come in other forms of use mainly that are still being defined

Then, what do you exist for?
In the midst of rapid change,
You need to be differentiated from other coins.

I believe in value and invest in purse.
But there are a lot of coins coming out.
Example: AVAX

the main network coin for Pundi x chain is PUNDIX, the PURSE token is purely a reward token for support of the Pundi x chain eco system, benefits are being developed on chain for those that earn PURSE through governance of the Pundi X chain eco system delegating their PUNDIX coins to Validators, PURSE is a usable reward token not a marketed token looking for a market.


I know that.
However, the price of Pundix is falling.
It cannot be said that there are many rewards for PURSE tokens.
So I deposited it on https://pursetoken.com/lpfarm/menu/.

However, if you think about it, if such a reward pool has been created, you will need a plan to create value for tokens.