PX Card Dapp suggestion

Hello. Just received my px card an hour ago, thanks. So here is my quick review. @Peko @BlueStitch @zaccheah

Maybe we can have under “history” a tab to select what we want, to future proof it, since the transaction list will get longer and longer as time goes on.

Maybe even have something what we already have in banking apps, a bar at the top showing all USD value inbound and outgoings, monthly or even allow a switch system maybe weekly…

The store locator is vital. I assume this is being worked on by the devs at the office to finalise things, eg zoom in correctly in your precise location and find actual merchant’s stores surrounding the gps…

Suggestion 2;
Maybe shy/reluctant merchants need a small reward per listing, of their store/s in the locator or via Google form hand-ins…

Android Notifications work when sending and receiving fx coins.

I think the PX dApp is in its early stages of UI and UX development. More blocky than rounded edges. No floating embedded home button or anything at the bottom like we have on the fx wallet and px wallet. Maybe to avoid any confusion for new first timers.

Suggestions 3;
Maybe if the chain is already selected (as it will be at any given time) then maybe have the chain address on that selected chain home page…

Update; a hidden tap on the black px card (on top of the screen, on the home page) takes you to the top up page, where the one’s QR code is displayed and the copy address is available.

Suggestion 4;
Would it be possible to list total USD value under each chain when tapping the “network” switch selection page. So that drop down menu shows up what we have and where our holdings are at a glance. Could be a nice touch…

Suggestion 5;
-Merchant’s discount on available products notification on a running banner…

  • or cash backs, nft raffles, etc…

Suggestion 6
-total is missing in USD value (or selected currency) on each holdings, per chain, crucially on it’s landing page where all the tokens are, eg 2 matic coins is $1.12 just underneath would be great for first timers.

Suggestions 7;
Not sure if charts are required, but maybe have price increase in small indicator (in green text as usual) somewhere eg like the fx wallet CMC price +2.1%. It may indulge users to spend more.

Suggestion 8;
Not sure if Ramp network (on-ramp) is needed or not, may defeat the purpose a bit… So users can buy them self’s from the Dapp…

Other comments (review)
-dApps load time is fast.
-excellent inital load up video (so good that, it’s actually available to watch again)
-removed my card from app completely, while having holdings on the card, and when reconnecting it to the PX-app, everything was there.
-it’s great to have the network switch on the top left and out the way of new first time adopters.

-NFT sent and received fine and fast, but not showing image on landing page. Nice touch with the description of the nft where the full animated image is shown only so far. Giving it more time to see if fixes it self. Will update later here, otherwise it remains as not shown.


Possibilty to send NFT’s to other addresses?
I did send some nft from fxwallet to pxcard, nicely recieved.
But can’t send them back, there’s no option for that.

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Yeah, I tried to send an NFT to myself (like I did with the coin, which worked great using the card) but it seems that this will be the next update, send and receive nft tabs…

I had to resort to sending it to myself bacause I only have one card, I made a mistake I should have ordered a few. I did however order one for a fellow Pundian.

I have the only doubt regarding security since I received my two cards I have been asking myself questions. But my biggest concern is if the card comes from the factory with a preset address, how do I know there isn’t a second copy of that card? if the card itself is the seeds. I hope you give me a satisfactory answer, thank you very much


very good question. we should have a clear answer