Q2 2021 Token Removal Report

Dear Pundians,

The token removal for Q2 2021 has been completed. We took out approximately 7,107.231 PUNDIX tokens and 8,233,411.37 NPXSXEM tokens from their respective total supplies.

Please note that we are developing Pundi X Chain. Once we launch the Pundi X Chain, NPXSXEM will be migrated to the Chain and converted into Pundi X Reward tokens supported in the BEP20 network. PUNDIX holders will receive Pundi X Reward tokens. The calculation period starts from 21 June 2021. Daily snapshots will be taken of holders’ private wallets beginning on 21 June. To learn more about the Pundi X Reward token and how the reward is calculated, you can read the details here.

After the Q2 token removal, the total supply of PUNDIX is now 258,484,530.000924396 and the total supply of NPXSXEM is 44,754,364,975.46.

Here are the links of the execution hashes: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

7,107.231 PUNDIX tokens were removed from its total supply permanently.

Also, 8,233,411.37 NPXSXEM tokens were taken out from its total supply permanently. You can check out the execution on Binance Chain at https://explorer.binance.org/tx/6647F37E8E5FCA8EC7C8F5CA903DC563CD9B2C76A6739C15953470B32E6D2507

Q3 2021 token removal schedule

The supply of PUNDIX tokens is deflationary based on the utilization across Pundi X products and services. PUNDIX tokens are NOT mintable. The team has removed token supply since 2018. As of today, we’ve removed tokens worth over USD$50 million.

Q3 removal is planned for the second week of October 2021.

Please note that the schedule is subject to change. Do stay tuned for our latest announcements across our official social media channels (Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Medium).


Wow theres some hate associated with the burn again; Every second comment at a minimum on most socials atm is calling Scam, Rug-pull etc etc;

I’m thinking some proactive marketing and information regarding the Pundix Chain dev may help;

I understand that cashflow is needed to keep the project alive in the development stage, once everything is live we will see higher volume burns we have previously; however most current investors may not understand this; Either way its hurt our image that we were just recovering

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They just removed 258 billion 3 mth"s ago that’s not enough?, basic math in time all Pundi has done & future growing burns = value will knock your rocks off, the amount burn’d now is equal to 7.1million in old token, soon there will be only 1 token burning PUNDIX once xem is absorbed into the PR token; DYOR or loose

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Your telling the wrong people my friend; In this forum we know the project will succeed;

Outside the forum the knowledge just isn’t there; people are either, misinformed or perhaps the information isn’t as easy to interoperate to all as it is to us believers;

If nothing changes nothing changes; The Sentiment towards our community hasnt changed; The general population are Pundix token hodlers;

No it’s been relayed all over social media, people are informed those that are not and general Fudding rubbish don’t really care; it don’t matter how much info is out there they wouldn’t see it or care, the ones that matter do their due diligences you can tell that from the 200million volume in our market in the last 24hr’s, that message is the same given to anyone who repeats fud thinking they matter and enlightens those that might half believe call it a counter, they don’t matter don’t even give them air time; they are not worth the mention. The value will come from those that are looking for value investments!, you’ll find most Fudders never cared & never will they are just filling the narrative they are selling

I like to confront fudders as they reply in most cases not or saying useless shite. Some ppl clearly not done good research or have barely knowledge in the crypto market.

One day we will prove those sort ppl that both projects are great and the price will reflect that. Then they regret that they sold or being negative to it the whole time and i will laugh at them.


The more we confront them the stronger we will be