Query "gov" module

Hi !

When querying “gov” module for votes, the results are null.
For example, considering the last vote for proposal ID 7 (Polygon Support) by address fx1mj64zha337rvyqafkjaytmu3v0gutcyafalegj which voted “yes” at block #2343938:

  • CLI : fxcored query gov votes 7 returns null
  • REST (on a fully-synced mainnet node) : curl http://*ip:port*/cosmos/gov/v1beta1/proposals/7/votes/fx1mj64zha337rvyqafkjaytmu3v0gutcyafalegj returns { "code": 3, "message": "rpc error: code = InvalidArgument desc = voter: fx1mj64zha337rvyqafkjaytmu3v0gutcyafalegj not found for proposal: 7: invalid request", "details": [ ] }

Thanks for your attention.