Questions about Block Time

Can someone explain it to me like iโ€™m a 5 year old child? :slight_smile:

How do we reduce block time for fxcore to achieve more TPS?

I read that reducing block time can increase TPS. @eduardstal

Or the real question is, how do we achieve faster TPS than the current speed? Does having more validators help?

I believe voting can be done through the Function X governance to lower the block speed, but that, in the future when and if itโ€™ll be a technically required feature. At the moment, the block time is set to 5 seconds.

About increasing TPS, more validators should equal to a higher TPS.


Wow more validators means higher TPS. Cant wait now for it to open to public :smiley:

But probably not so soon since it is only 2 months atm