Ramp.Network isn't working... Hurting goal to making it easier to buy water with crypto*** Voting Poll

I bought some eth last night so I can delegate my PundiX and they haven’t sent me my ETH it’s over 11 hours

i think we need to move from Ramp.Network

  • Move from Ramp.Network
  • Don’t Move From Ramp.Network

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there is proof of ?

I finally received my eth when i woke up this morning…

check this out for proof!!!

Since ETH is highly congested, and I saw the gas Price applied, I’m not really surprised of the delay.

You either have the ETH for sale or not… I shouldn’t of had to wait over a day an a half… I eventually just bought the ETH from Coinbase so I could delegate my coins… The point is though is convenience and they don’t offer the convenient service. I don’t see how people would vote no?.. But let it happen to them lol… This is twice for me and now I spoke up!!! I’ll never use this as a service to purchase ETH again. MetaMask has a better fiat ramp service just saying!!! Hopefully @zaccheah and @DavidK see how that is an annoyance to serve our #Pundians

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It would be good if we had liquidty in FX wallet and buy straight from wallet. Also would we be able to buy straight in FXCORE. So we can buyETHFX??? This would save gas fee and need for cross chain fee.

Hopefully we could see this soon.


If only we can fix everything, we will bring this up in our next meeting with Ramp.network. Thank you @Denverhusker

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