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Function X Pre-launch AMA

This project is going to be huge… Pundi X - Function X will find their flow after adjustments and growing pains. Bullish!!! longterm. Accumulation stage at these prices!!!

Thank you for keeping us informed Team :slight_smile:

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There is no such thing, and you are allowed to withdraw your capital at anytime with no issue, calculation period ended. In means no more calculated, i personally redeem pundix and NOTHING happened…

You are confused with something, i can assure you this

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My bad… Had a brain toot. Edit made to reflect error.


I was very confused at first by your initial post.
The 20% fee is for the $PR reward token, you must have messed them up.

Glad you figured it out in the end tho :slight_smile:

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For any community members that read OG post pre edit… there is no penalty for redeeming FX or Pundi X… just fees.

[Claim] fees are a bit high but [Swap] and [Redeem] fees are extremely low within the f(x)Wallet.

The video linked in OG post contains valuable info and is recommenced to watch in full. For those short on time… check out 53:36 to the end.

KuzoIV & eduardstal… respect on the quick reply :slight_smile: