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Hi guys,

I browse r/cryptocurrency quite a bit and I saw this promoted post and was wondering whether FunctionX would be willing to create an ad and pay with it through the EGF fund. I think the ad looks eye catching and could give us a lot of much needed exposure. You can even use a promoted post like this to attract developers to thr incubator fund as attracting developers to build on our platform is paramount to our success. Here is the ad in question.

@zaccheah @DavidK @eduardstal What do you guys think, is this something the company would be willing to do?


I think it’s a great idea. I encourage you to run with it, put it in the form of a proposal - outlined in the recent Hashout- so we can test drive the process.


This will be great to promote fx to masses

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Looks like a great idea which can give more eyes on this wonderful project


Alright guys, this what we’ve wanted and have been asking for, an opportunity for marketing in a big way and looks like the company is willing to do it as long as we submit a good proposal. I think it’s a good time for thr community to come together to collaborate on this proposal so that it’ll be a success. I will say this though, we, as a community, would love to have the input of the company in regards to the message of the ad, whether it’s to promote FunctionX or promote the Incubator funds to attract developers because in the end, most of us are just passionate, loyal investors that want to see the project succeed but may not have the expertise like you guys in this field.

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could we have a trailer like short video for Function X? i would love to speak the narrator …

do we have something there?

For sure that could be on the table. Do we have anyone in our community have experience with building a short ad. I just went back into reddit and looked at some promoted posts and some are short videos so that’ll be something we can do. I think for all who haven’t, you should go into reddit and go to r/cryptocurrency and check out some promoted posts for inspiration.

Another thing is ad should be run from u/FunctionX for more legitimacy. Tezos ran the ad from u/Tezos

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Great suggestion, now we have to make sure r/functionx is well-maintained and up-to-date.

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Does advertisement marketing proposal requires 10000 fx security deposit? @DavidK