Reddit push for Function X

Reddit push for Function X by @This_Dutch_guy on August 3rd. Be ready.


Well it looks like the mods of reddit removed the post for vote manipulation.

The reason for this is typically because we used reddit to promote the post within other communities to funnel attention from other (even if related) communities.

They call this vote brigading and actively censor any attempt to do this.

In the future we cannot make posts about organizing pushes within reddit for a specific date and time to activate members.

It must come organically and possibly only from something like telegram organization.

If you are not on the telegram fx market chat then you are not doing yourself a favor.



Yes, this was a one time event and realize now that it was manipulation. I want to thank everyone that participated even tho it got removed in the end for a understandable reason.

Truly great to see a strong and helpful community coming together.

Sorry for this action

Edit: I did notice that visitors liked the easy to read presentation


I appreciate the effort man. I wish the team would put as much effort into marketing as thr community.


It does seem like there was a spike in transactions and new accounts yesterday. So maybe the post did spark interest with the people that read your post @This_Dutch_guy


Can we do the similar post @This_Dutch_guy without sharing it in reddit, this Saturday? We will only share in telegram and fx forum. Also add fx explorer and white paper links.
• Function X White paper: Function X FX whitepapers -
• Function X Explorer:

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Don’t share the same post to function x subreddit. It will be seen as manipulation. Create new one or we can post it on fx subreddit later. @This_Dutch_guy