Redeem Staking

Hi Zac,

I’ve been a fan of Pundix since ICO where i bought the Old PXS …been holding since then NPXS and pundix bcos i’ve always believed in the project…even though pundix price drop to as low as $2, i still have conviction it will perform so i decided to stake my Pundix and FX …i know that you hava to claim the 5% rewards in order for you to get the rest of the 95% rewards…i’ve invested almost $10,000 in both Pundix and FX…today i try to claim my 5% rewards which is only $8 but when i try to claim it shows that my ETH are not enough…Currently my eth position is $580…so i’m claiming my 5% rewards which is only $8 and i have to pay more than $580? How could this be? It doesnt make sense…you have to do something…i’m very sure a lot of your community is experiencing the same dilemma.

Is there any other way out?



Thanks @Sten We really need to address this @zaccheah

The community only has one more month (latest by 15 June 2021) before everyone who has staked in FX Wallet need to decide.

Even if the community understands that the high EHT tx fees are not paid to PUNDIX but to ETH miners, PUNDIX needs to address this soon.

I would advocate for PUNDIX to find a way to absorb the cost of the fees for making the first 5% reward claim and make the announcement as soon as you can.




No announcement regarding suggestion to find a way to absorb the ETH fess for making the first 5% reward claim in the latest AMA yesterday 11 June 2021.

Many who staked smaller amounts may consciously decide not to claim. This will not benefit the effort put in so far to involve the community who owns smaller amounts as we countdown towards fx mainnet launch.

Please reconsider @zaccheah