Hey everyone,

This one is for the team. When I found PUNDI I was super excited to get started on helping businesses empower themselves by on boarding.

I’ve created a website, business cards, business shirts, purchased XPOS, and have been doing community marketing.

The only problem is that I cannot move forward with any of the progress I’ve made because no one has reached back out to me on Becoming a distributor, creation of Xpass cards, or information in regards to on boarding future merchants.

There has been no contact in response to anything regarding moving forward.

My suggestion would be to get in contact with those (such as myself) who are trying “HARD” to excel growth and. Our ecosystem.


Hello, may I ask for which region are you interested to become an XPOS distributor? I’ll try to get you in touch with the relevant person for the specific region you’re interested in, thanks!


I am in Portland Oregon, USA

Have you gotten in touch with our master distributor for the US yet? (Philip Simpkins)

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If they work with Arro, than yes, and I would never work with them. Horrible experience.

I’ll be reaching out to you via the email provided on your website.