Report Scams / Fake Group Reports


I have received a suggestion by Blokhead on Twitter and think it will be good to have a dedicated thread for users to report scams/ fake groups. Just in case, users missed the warnings on Telegram and Twitter, they can always double-check it in here.

Community members are welcome to report it here.

Let’s use a simple template, for example:
Short Description:
Link (if any):
Screenshot (if any):

Hope this will help users to avoid any scams / fake groups in the future.

Thank you.


Channel: Telegram
Type: Bot
Short Description:
Fake telegram groups & bots are pretending to be #PUNDIX to assist with fake token migration.

DO NOT send your tokens to unknown addresses or interact with any links otherwise your funds will be lost!

Link to warning: Telegram: Contact @pundix

Screenshot (if any):


Awesome thankyou Indra

Channel: Telegram

Type: Fake official groups

Description: there are always new groups claiming to be official groups, some are large because they add people to the groups unaware you have settings to stop them adding you to new groups.

Ways to tell your in a fake group.

Fake groups don’t have our welcome to new members with the warnings Admin don’t PM your first; says this in all their profiles.

help is through a Zendesk email link given to you in the main chat when you ask for help.

so No help desk will PM you - Admin only talk to you in PM if you engage them, make sure you only PM an Admin marked on their chat panel of their comments in the main chat, they will not ask for Pass words or seeds phrases, never give them out ever!!!

Our pages don’t allow shilling of other things outside what the project is doing.

Our pages that have new activities are announced on our real news official social pages verify them by looking at our websites, go to the social page via the websites, the news should be there.

last word of advise, never act on something without verifying it from a reliable source.

Be safe


Common Knowledge when using Telegram, but it’s the same common sense for any social media! don’t trust response’s in private messages and don’t give out any private details.

Channel: Telegram

Type: Fake Help support number 1 scammers favorate approach is via a PM when you ask for help most often it will be some labeled fake support page/group/channel

“Warning” there are always new scammers making fake support groups. there are “No Support Groups / Channels in telegram” the only official help desk is the Zendesk email link given to you in the main chat.

Never respond to PM help! ( only you can activate / start a PM conversation with an Admin you selected in the main chat )

“WARNING” scammers will impersonate anyone (long term supporters / Admin ) and approach people in Private messages.

I will not PM you First; it is the Same for admin

“BEAWARE” only Scammers will PM you First

Do Not give out your seed phrases or passwords to “ANYONE” ever under any circumstance! Don’t use links from them either asking any or private details. best way the handle anyone you think is a scammer; if you “can” Block & delete them it’s a scammer, because admin don’t pm you first the option to block them is not available to you; by blocking the scammer & reporting them they get locked out of telegram, do it to enough of them they won’t try you again, if you speak about them in the main chat before you block & delete them they will delete their messages to you before you get the chance.

as I say if you can Block & delete them - meaning you have that option at the top of the PM chat - it’s a scammer!

Channel: Telegram

Type: Fake Help

Scammers are copying anyone’s profile offering help & then contacting you in PM

If you can see the block & delete at top of their message It’s a scammer block them

you will see the report & delete tab for anyone NEW that PM’s you first, so don’t block people you asked to PM you; but remember you invited them in, Admin will not PM you First ever so you won’t be able to see the report tab as you have to PM them first. never the less always confirm in the main group your talking with a real admin if you not sure


Channel: Telegram

Type: Fake PUNDIX ALERT group

:mega:Pundi X (New) Event ($PUNDIX reward)

We have allocated over $75000 in $PUNDIX ERC-20 token. Do not forget that the distribution is FCFS. You can claim up to $500 in our ERC-20 tokens.

:link:You can participate by following this link - DO NOT GO TO LINK

:fire:Thank you for staying with us - Pundi X (New)

“Warning there is a new fake PUNDIX Alert group, block & delete those scammers this is not real”

This group on Telegram : Telegram: Contact @opundix_alerts_22
:mega:Pundi X (New) Event ($PUNDIX reward)

We have allocated over $75000 in $PUNDIX ERC-20 token. Do not forget that the distribution is FCFS. You can claim up to $500 in our ERC-20 tokens.

:link:You can participate by following this link

:fire:Thank you for staying with us - Pundi X (New)

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