Retiros de Xwallet a fxWallet

Hola gente, quisiera saber si hay una opción mas económica para retirar mis fx pagando menos de 100fx, me parece un fee carísimo, gracias saludos!

because it’s on eth Network buddy, the wallet are ERC20, from before our mainnet so the fee’s to move are eth fee’s there is no way around that, the fact the fee cost has been the same for a long time is the lucky part, as eth fee’s get way worst in the bull market, it’s no different from moving any other network erc20 tokens out of eth network it comes at a cost to get out yes, but once your out you can find ways to make it back up if you have a decent hodl. do it before the bull run if your going to, but if your not prepared to move them at that loss don’t move them, they are fine where they are one day you’ll get to spend them at a far greater value later

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