Reward Lost on delegation

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Hi, i had some issue during delegation.
I already delegated FX onto the Madrid node and had sthg like 54 FX as reward. I delegated some more FX to the node, but my reward was reset to 0. Then, thinking it was only an HMI issue, I tried to claim my delegation rewards, but nope, only got a very low reward instead.
This issue is reproducible.
Thks guys!!

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It is not a bug, i repeat, it is not a bug!

Rewards will be auto-collected back to your FxCore Address whenever you delegate more.

Basically, when you delegate more to a validator, the current rewards will be auto-collected back to your wallet. Check your FxCore address, it should be there.

Cheers. There is an auto-collect back to address whenever you delegate more to a validator that you delegated to before.


I’m sorry.
The reward eventually appeared in the “available to delegate”.
Thanks !!

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