Rewarding loyal followers

Hello staff members - Why not give the loyal followers of the forum also rewards (in which form can be discussed - number of points entitles to …). For example: points for liking a post, replying to a post, creating a new topic, visiting the forum on a daily basis, etc… - Greetings Belgiumguy :belgium:

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I think that’s not really needed now. Good suggestion tho

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I am not a fan either…
Rather have rewards in the form of fx coins by staking or the new pr coin.

But on the other hand I always see the same people replying and helping out, sharing info etc … on reddit / twitter / here on the forum…

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Thanks @Belgiumguy!!

In my opinion, think is not necessary right now, I’m here for other reasons apart of money. A few years ago I thought about something like PundiX, but I don’t have coding skills to create something like this, I’m entrepreneur and economist but I really understand Blockchain Tech. When I found this project I felt in love with it.

Now we have El Salvador asking for XPOS, PR reward token for PundiX holders and FX. Think we have enough. They only need time to consolidate their potential.

On the other hand, maybe if we really make this project to grow thanks for all of our opinions, it could be great to earn a reward or something like that. But in future, this is just the beginning!!

Regards! :+1: :+1:


pointless we already have to much to keep up with, we don’t need people inspired to create material for rewards, rewards are for those governing the system that is earned, not for opinion these is my views on this, already this is becoming to large for people to want to keep up with, at one point i wanted to know everything in here now I’m becoming selective because I didn’t get in crypto to read and be active in social media all day