Rewards collections

Hi Developers

is it possible to make the claim for rewards in both FX & PX chains take the fee from the rewards being collected or after they land in the wallet, as people still failing to leave a simple few coins in their wallets and get them self stuck, I also feel some are starting to play on peoples good nature to help them in trouble they were not really in, Maybe you can add a note at delegation about keeping fee coin in your wallet, some also request the max tab is not max, another idea is when someone delegates max in the process it deducts a few coin from your delegation and returns them to your wallet so you just can’t do your self out of fee coin when delegating.

Cheers guys


should be implemented in future updates


Yea i heard they were planning to put a future “Warning box”. The staff previously said ok to my suggestion a few months back.

Terra also recently implemented the same thing i asked for. :blush:



I’ve made a forum account specificly for this. Been saying this for months now in the TG chat. It’s such a simple feature. Just a small nudge prevents so many complaints. I don’t know why this hasn’t been implemented yet…
Small tweaks like this should be implemented one or max two weeks after release. You get feedback, it makes sense, it’s easy to implement? BAM fix it.

I’m sure they will implement it.

Currently, the team is working hard and focusing on the new wallet layout, you can see the beta wallet changes. This feature will probably be added to the new wallet layout.

We are using the old version so…