Rewards Not Unlocking

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After the initial 5% no more rewards have unlocked.

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I was about to ask; If I redeem my stake do my rewards continue to unlock; I think I just got my answer :+1:

It unlocks 5% per week. Until December 5.

yes at 5% per week

Says you have 17 there to claim so it must be unlocking them, it will release weekly on the anniversary of your first claim day and time each week, sometimes a refresh of the app is needed for the qty to update,

Have you done your first claim? It was required to claim first 5% to unlock remaining 95% which is being released 5% weekly.

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I agree. You probably claimed your first staking rewards less than a week ago.

Do rewards unlock once you redeem???

Redeem do not sway what rewards are unlocked
, if you didn’t get the first claim done on time you don’t get the coin unlocked. I think this is old news now anyway bro

Thanks for your response