Risk in delegating fx or pundix tokens

I delegated my fx tokens and I am little worry about the risk factor. How much is the risk to delegate my tokens .Is this 5% due node failure or 100% loss of delegated tokens.Kindly guide me

Currently all validators are by tge team, little to no risk.

But if there is a long interuption of service, (blocks not being signed) a penalty is taken.
More sefere is if a validator double spends or tries other bad stuff, but this is rare and deliberate.

Check the delegation hashout for the details
(I will try to find it and share here)

At the end of the article it will give an overview

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Thanks for valuable information. I read in article about the warning.So I worried if there is 100% loss of delegated token then it’s really risky to delegate and who wants to bear this at all.

like there are thousands of ways you can get hurt crossing the road and depending how you get hurt depends on who’s liable, in crypto you are liable for any risk you put into crypto the risk warning is to cover them that your warned there are risks even though everyone knows if you don’t look before crossing the road it’s your own fault. so there are many ways for it to become risky say in the context you gave your seed out or you sent your coin to the wrong coin address; mainly the risks are mistakes you could make but anything is possible when your crossing a highway.

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Thanks for clarification. My point is regarding the warning in end of the topic of delegation.I am confused whether it’s about the node failure or what you said.I mean if by any mean node failed then is it 5% or there is chance of 100% loss of delegated amount?
For example let us say I delegated 1000 fx and there is a node failure which accrue maximum penalty means 5% which is equal to 50fx. That’s fine if only 50fx is at risk and other 950fx are safe.
I request admin kindly make it clear about the risk warning at the end of topic regarding delegation.I mean how we can loss our whole amount like what you mentioned in your reply to this topic.
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If the slashing rate is 5%, it means 5% of your total amount which equals to 50 fx. It won’t be the full amount because that is just ridiculous, the other 950 is safe.

it’s more defined in their hashout articles, there are down time penalties for validators and a percentage is put on the delegators, would only be a major issue if you don’t see it for a long time and many penalties have been applied to the node; I don’t think you could suffer a total loss but I can’t say i know enough

Ok I go through hash out.Thanks for your valuable information.
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