i am more and more faced with address poisoning … how do they work … you get a certain coin sent to your Wallet … do not accept it , but put it in your blacklist

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those AAVE tokens would have been sent via Polygon … I have the hash … can the team do something with this?

You can only hide it. Do not interact with any of those coins.

  • You will be safe as long as you don’t interact with any of those suspicious tokens.

That’s the thing about blockchain: there are actually pros and cons to having full transparency. People airdropping tokens to anyone is one of them.

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Hello - Yes very annoying indeed :persevere::persevere::persevere:

Got a similar notification this morning (see attached screenshot) !!!

Coincidentally, I read (a while ago) on the forum that @IvanFunctionX was making a meme coin called “BAYGON - BYG”.

But still, for safety’s sake, I didn’t do anything! And did not push the “+BYG Token”.

Can this not be communicated better, even if there really is no malicious intent behind it?

Greetings Belgiumguy :black_heart::yellow_heart::heart:

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Sending tokens to an address is like sending an email to someone.

  • Anyone can send any token/email to anyone as long as they have their address/email.
  • Since blockchains are transparent and viewable on the explorer, anyone can go to the
    “Holder Address” section on the Explorer to airdrop tokens to anyone.

This happens on every single blockchain. The only solution is to hide/ignore the tokens.

This is MetaMask’s statement:


That my token for meme
I give that to my community for reward


did you put it on twitter , because i would get reward in BYG … i need to add the token contract … what is the purpose of this token ? as it stands now it looks like it’s a scam,

Just meme token