Send Testnet BNB coins to Team for BSC integration with FX Core

Note: Testnet coins are free.
Add the Binance Smart Chain – Testnet to your MetaMask:

  • Open MetaMask
  • Go to the settings
  • Click on “networks”
  • Choose “add network”
  • Put in the information for the Binance Smart Chain, refer to the information below

Network name: Binance Smart Chain – Testnet
ChainID: 97
Symbol: BNB
Block explorer URL:

How to request 1 Test BNB from Binance:

How to send 1 Test BNB to FX Team:

  • Open MetaMask
  • Click on BNB, and choose send
  • Send the “max” amount of BNB to 0x7442D8c8B51B4d2f23CA69B630fb97E5EBf42d6d

Credits: Danny


NOTE: Testnet BNB coins are limited to 1 BNB per day per IP address. So please do this for next 10 days atleast.

Try from your phone and also laptop/tablet if you have one


Hello @papilloncrypto - Is noted :+1: - Greetings Belgiumguy :belgium:

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Done for today

bnb count: 1

3 here :+1:

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Hopefully I did it all correct = 1 has been sended

I don’t have bnb
I just have fx coin
So i just cheer all you guys
Go moon fx and pundix

It is Testnet BNB. You can get it for free. @IvanFunctionX

How to send bnb
I don’t have any bnb

Just like sending ethereum. Get it for free from Binance Smart Chain: Faucet using testnet @IvanFunctionX

Done, lets get this done fast

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Read the instruction by the op

Done! Never used metamask before. Now i get to know this app also.

now you can use in dexs

What do you mean?

Thank you team! We’ve successfully received > 500 testnet bnb.


All Thanks to Function X Market tel community.


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still need some more?
or wont change anything if we send more?


You can send more