Should to desapear Fx Tokens on ERC20

Should to desapear Fx Tokens (ERC20)

Force to owners (exchanges also) to change to FX Core Token

As NPXS (old pundi).-…FX (ERC20) will cause more problems that solutions to the ecosystem

Actually, the existence of FX token on multiple blockchains is a great value (as long as there’s not more tokens than minted :slight_smile: ).
And how do you intend to trade your FX tokens on exchanges if they don’t all implement the FxCore network ?
What would be really great would be to be able to transfer FX tokens on any chain (ERC20, BEP20, TRON, POLYGON, FxCore).


the chain is permantly cross chain interchangeable, you can choose to be in many chains soon give it time more connections will be made most just won’t hold any on eth network once they can have FX on other supported cheaper chains, but doing away with the erc20 connection is not part of the plan.