Simplification for crypto adoption

I would like to share with you some ideas.

The Pundi X purpose is to easy the purchase of a bottle of water with cryptos and reaching a real crypto adoption. From my point of view, the following points should help to it:

  1. Have the possibility of paying with decentralized XPAS in whatever POS (as we can do with CRO card), not only in POS with XPOS software; and using the token balance from FX wallet, in a decentralized way.

  2. Simplify the sending of cryptos (nickname):
    Currently, we can send FIAT between standard bank accounts without using the IBAN number but using the mobile number like with Bizum or Revolut alternatives.
    It should be needed to have a similar simplification with FX wallet. Instead of sending a token to a wallet address, have the posibility to send tokens to the FX wallet nickname (@name). An user could send one token to other user only selecting the user nickname and the FX wallet automatically select the correct wallet address in the correct blockchain. In fact, we perform something similar with the delegation. We select validator name, no the wallet at which we are going to delegate.

  3. Simplify the sending of cryptos (swapping):
    P2P transactions where one user decides which token wants to send and the other user decides which token wants to receive, also with FIAT. Swap between tokens is performed in a transparent way for users, also between different blockchains. It is a very interesting idea to implement in FX wallet.

KASTA project presents solutions like those described in bullets 2 and 3. Please, check KASTA project because some of their proposed solutions should be very interesting for FX wallet.

In the end, the simplification in the usability for non-experienced users will help to crypto adoption. Not all users are interested on Blockchain technology bases but only wants to use it in the easiest way.


I think there’s a big difference between a crypto blockchain card and credit card which translates fiat money as crypto. if you could use an Xpas card on a Pos device not using xpos software you wouldn’t need Xpos, there is a difference between a payment system that actually uses crypto as crypto on blockchain to one that converts crypto to fiat as you use it & the fee’s will be much higher, then your bringing back in the middle man crypto gave you the ability to remove. If I understands the difference correctly

No.2 has been in the works for a long time, note when you create a seed in FX wallet you set a Name address.

No.3 Swap DEX is coming

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I understand your point wrt the cards, but the purpose of Pundi X is to easily buy a bottle of water with cryptos. Therefore, in some moment, it is necessary to change from crypto to FIAT nowadays. Unfortunately, there are not a massive extension of XPOS all around the world (hopefully in a close future) but by the moment, a solution like CRO card allow us to use crypto balance to pay anywhere for real world products and services, but XPASS not. For this reason and up to the global extension of XPOS, I propose to Pundi X to search an alternative solution to avoid that users need to search solutions out of this great project.

Regarding the point 2, I know that the FX wallet asks users to setup a nickname but I think that it is not used to avoid working with wallet address numbers (if I am not wrong).

And for the point 3, what I mean is not exactly a DEX. Users do not need to exchange for themselves between cryptos. The sending user only send the crypto he wants and the receiving user receive the crypto that he has setup in app that wants to receive and the rest of process is transparent for users. This is simplification and could help, from my point of view, for the global crypto adoption.

Please, take a look of proposed solutions of KASTA. I love Pundi X and FX and when I found possibilities of improvement for this project, I quickly try to share with Pundi X community to have the project the most updated possible. In the end, I am only interested in the success of Pundi X, not the rest of projects.

the point the whole point of Xpos is spending and using crypto as crypto as easy as buying a bottle of water, if you even touch fiat you may as well go back to the banking system, the Pundix payment system is as easy as any fiat payment system you just have to wait until the xpos adoption come’s, adopting back to fiat is not the plan. Pundix is a crypto payment system on blockchain not a fiat system, thanks for the Idea’s I’m sure they will keep them in mind

No.2 is what I said and you wanted it for, I remember the talk about it in test net over a year ago

point 3 there are many dangers with such a process, that would be a developers nightmare I imagine and a slim chance of success.

Beware of convenience; It can come at a cost, Luck crypto . com must of had Insurance or a backup plan, month’s old and hit with a brick sets off alarm bells for me.

Pundix Not being an exchange we have a good chance we won’t have the same vulnerabilities of group losses like a centralised Group, in the 4 years i’ve know Pundi we have not been hacked as far as we know - Touch Wood!

It is clear that everybody must avoid centralized exchangers.

The way in which a FX user can have safe his FX in a cold wallet and obtaining an incredible APY is not comparable with any other project.

Cross-chain transactions, delegation, governance, DApps, EVM, NFTs, PURSE… DEX with synthetic assets in short, hopefully DAOVERSE… the complete FX ecosystem is impressive.

I know good enough the progress of Pundi X/FX project and even so, I delighted when I attended All-hands meeting of yesterday. Week by week, we can see new features in FX ecosystem.

However, I continue without being able to buy a bottle of water or doing weekly shopping with FX or PUNDIX, because in my city (big city with millions of people), there are 5 or 6 active XPOS but hundred of thousands of shops.

I also think that Blockchain is the future and FIAT is going to disappear but I live in present not in future and today I am going to pay the bus, the lunch or buy something in Amazon and I couldn’t do it by means of Pundi X solutions but I could do it with solutions.

From my point of view, it is not a matter of saying that CRO or KASTA are better or worse than FX; I know that FX is the king, at least for me, but if I see possible aspects in which FX can improve or evolve, I comment them here to help the project.

Seriously, can you perform now all your daily purchases of products and services, in physical and digital shops, with solutions that we currently have with FX ecosystem?

From my point of view, that is something in which FX ecosystem should improve because the basis of Pundi X project is to easily buy a bottle of water with cryptos.

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