Something to ponder

When will the Pundixlabs/ FunctionX team really release the actual and real " mainnet?"
Past token burns always happens on the 2nd weekend of the month,what’s the delay? Is it going to be 10K pundix tokens again?
Where are those “corporations” that’s supposedly will use Pundi/FunctionX?

Seems that they’re becoming ellusive and lying as time goes on.

And then a news from Jack which plans puts FunctionX on their crosshairs.

Patience young Skywalker: keep your respect for the project; they have told us a few times they cannot talk about some big corporations as they need to break the news first it’s detrimental to not blowing deals, Main net is in stages you know this, what you talking about with jack makes no sense, Burns will take years to have a major affect on the token price don’t be in such a rush to deplete the supply for we do need a long lasting supply for the eco-system to function, the resent reduction of 258 billion not enough for you?


The burns comes from the transactions made from XPOS and a few others.

As more XPOS gets deployed overtime to more shops worldwide, the burns will gradually increase even further.

Mass adoption don’t happen overnight, you need to think like mature educated adult.


When it comes to other parties we are putting things together with, we cannot disclose any details prior to their announcements for legal reasons.

I am puzzled by what you mean with “real mainnet”, please help me out.

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