Staked / Bonded Tokens are over 56% now!

We have finally hit a new milestone - 224mil / 396mil = 56.6% staked/bonded tokens!


Can’t wait to see it hit 60% then 70%!

Soon, we may even be #1 most staked % coin on StakingRewards if we get listed there.


@indra we should get listed there Proof-of-Stake Crypto Asset Integration | Staking Rewards

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I am so stoked for this, the % keeps increasing, thus scarcity will keep increasing, most people seem to compound instead of selling, thus the scarcity remains. This will blow up the price at some point.

The question is, what will be the criticality %?

We just hit 63.11% total staked / bonded tokens!

250mil / 396mil


@zaccheah hopefully we can see the total % staked on the explorer too just like other explorers.

Such wow, much wow.

396mil total supply
250mil staked
75mil ECG fund

Leftover coins that is actually circulating in exchanges - 71mil only!


We crossed the 70%

current bonded Tokens 70,57%

279,943,064 bonded
396,705,396 supply

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there wont be any fx left to buy :joy:

not many :smiley:

wonder how high the % will get, can we reach 75? 80? even 90?

Bought more Fx yesterday

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I’m still not sure if that is good or not so good??

If it is almost impossible to buy, wil there be demand?
Especially for new investors or just regular newcommers who are orientating into crypto.
Will they ignore fx because it’s to hard to buy, and they have plenty of other choices?
And what is the effect for exchanges?

Think the market will only florish when delegation is running for a while and delegators decide to sell part of their fx.
Or when the f(x)Core will be running for some time, and has some great use cases.

The pundixchain will be first important use case imo.
And there are some nice proposals.
So it will all work out fine in the end i think.

It is good because each FX will just be priced at a higher value if there is little supply circulating around.

Current circulating supply on exchanges and inactive wallets is ~41.7mil.

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Hope so.
Truly hope lack of supply will not discurage new buyers.

Price increase is good, very good, for “us” hodlers though.