Staking fees

I feel like I have been ripped off. I staked my pundix and fx and it cost me about $150. Then I went to claim my rewards and it wants another $150. Through the entire staking my reward was 250 FX. REALLY? So I decided I guess I will have to not get my reward. Then to redeem the tokens out of the staking cost about $30. Then one of the transactions failed and cost me another $12. Pundix and Fx should be ashamed to have a staking event like this regardless of what you knew before hand. I feel cheated and ripped off. So it makes me question this entire project. I think it has good intentions but I think the leadership isnt very smart. I feel because of that this entire project is bound to fail.

The high fee is due to ETH traffic being congested, not Pundix or FX. They do not set the gas price.

Mainnet is launching soon and it will cost like a cent to do transactions so stay tune!


Function X not get any Fee this get all the Ethereum network.
did you do check Ethereum Gas Tracker beforehand because the fee you paid seems so high to me. Function X: March Hash Out — Part II

FX token distribution

For the FX token rewards allocated to you per second, 5% of these rewards are available to be claimed immediately. The remaining 95% of these rewards will be locked for a period of 19 weeks, with a scheduled release of 5% every week over a span of 19 weeks via the f(x)Wallet. The release date of the weekly FX distribution may vary depending on the date of claiming.

“Earnings” are the rewards available to be claimed. Before you claim, the amount will keep increasing as 1) more FX tokens are allocated to you per second; 2) the remaining rewards continue to be unlocked. Each time you claim the FX token rewards, the smart contract will send all earnings available by the time you claim to your FX address, and the amount will be reduced to 0.

For claiming staking rewards , suggest to claim once at the staking rewards ended time( on 16-21th June, 2021) , and then claim all of the unlock rewards before 5th Dec 2021.

All remaining unlocked tokens shall be claimed before 5th Dec 2021 or else all unclaimed unlocked tokens will be forfeited.

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Thanks for your response. I dont know about checking for fees etc… I just know what happened to me. If it was a great experience I would have posted that but it was a horrible experience. I was so excited to stake and always watched how many fx coins I was going to get and end the end I basically paid money to stake my coins. No rewards

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1st of all those fees are coming from the ethereum network, not pundix…

2nd that is annoying, we know, thats why functionx is in development: it will change everything about that. no need for ethereum anymore.

3rd i bet a 1000$ you did not research what decentralizied finance staking on ethereum means. So you basically did something you did not understand and now blame others. That is never a good mentor.

don’t do things you don’t understand. do proper research and if you need help, ask for it BEFOREHANDS.

we can’t help you if you are crying because you jumped of a cliff and broke our leg because “nobody told you” in decentralized finance nobody is responsible but yourself.