Staking. First claim 16-21 June (from the official guide)

I am sorry to open again another tread on this topic, but still I can’t manage to understand one thing. And I hope that someone from the team make the point clear once for all.

I know I should have waited, but since I am relatively new to crypto world, I did not think about the consequences to claim immediately my rewards. This is my fault. But now I am pretty confused after reading this info in the updated version of the staking guide:

For claiming staking rewards , suggest to claim once at the staking rewards ended time( on 16-21th June, 2021) , and then claim all of the unlock rewards before 5th Dec 2021.

This info, which is coming from an official source, is in contrast with many sources which suggest to do the first claim on the 14th!!!

So my questions are: Will the “rewards” be added to the “earnings” on June 15th? If so, in my special case, do I need to claim again on 16-21th June, 2021 if I don’t want to lose the “rewards”?

And again. Why such important info was not released in the first version of the guide?

Since I (like others) have spent already a lot of fees in gas, I hope that the team will make the situation clear.


The team is looking into this, I will be coming with a reply as soon as possible.

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Well phrased. Thank you for asking again for clarification. I did not see this in the guide until you mentioned it.

The initial guide says at least once before, and this says suggested 16th -21st of june.

Looking forward to the answer!

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No news? After the Zac @zaccheah tweet of this morning many people started to claim…

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Short version:
Just claim between 16 - 21 June, and claim again exactly 19 weeks later.

Long version:
You can claim anytime you like, even now.

The best time for first claim to potentially get the 100% reward is between 16th - 21st June. If you claim on the 14th June it is fine too but you forfeit the reward on the 15th June (final day of reward). One thing to factor is gas fee, if they are dead cheap on 14th then do your math.

After your first claim, you will be continuously rewarded with the unlocks until 5th Dec. You can do multiple claims or to safe time and fees claim once right before 5th Dec. Smart contract closes on 5th Dec so that is the last day anyone can claim.


Thank @zaccheah, but you did not reply to my questions.

If I understand correctly (wishful thinking), the claiming issue affect only the “earnings” and not the “reward”. I mean, claiming on the 16 will be of course good, because, your first 5% claim is richer. But still the big pot are the rewards to be unlocked. Since I claimed almost on day one, what are you suggesting now? Will be a huge disappointment to see the rewards growing but not getting them. I am sorry if I am not enough smart to understand “smart contracts”, but this thing should have been better explained in the first version of the guide.


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Just claim one more time on the 16th for everything to be unlock.

Then wait till 4-5th Dec and claim everything back to your wallet.


yes rewards you have earned are the one’s that are unlocked and made available to you in the 19 weeks or rewards unlocks, claiming early only affects what is available to you of earnings between then and the 16 of june, which can be claimed if you deem it profitable to spend the eth to get those few

Hi @zaccheah ,

What happens if we don’t reach the desired amount of fx staked by 15 June 2021 ? Will PUNDIX and/or founders announce their stakes to bring us across the 75M fx ? As there are just slightly over two weeks left to stake and earn fx rewards, the incentive to stake is getting less and less attractive.



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they already moved some into it and i think they will fill it up in 2 weeks if not filled already… Its just tried to get the decentralization to a miximum amount by giving the time to join.

but yeah only the low eth fees right now are making the staking a little attractive… but only for big stakes…
i think it could be filled next week so that it can be launched mid june… from market perspective it’s not really an issue if launched 1 week earlier… actually it could be a positive impact if filled like 7 to 10 days prior to the target.

  1. Remember to claim your FX rewards from staking your FX and PUNDIX back in June 2021 on the Ethereum Network before 5 December 2021 if you have not done so.
  2. As you need to pay ETH gas fees for the claim, figure out if it is worth your while to claim.
  3. To recap, read this.
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