Stop trading npxs?

hello fx, most people would like to see npxs trading stopped on exchanges, to promote the rise of pundix.
the swap time would not be in question, but just send people who still have npxs on the fx site to convert their tokens into pundix with the time you have set up? would it be possible?

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While we encourage anyone who’s got $NPXS to swap to $PUNDIX as soon as possible, we cannot reach out to those people individually because there’s no way for us to find out who they are based on the $NPXS token holder addresses.

We’re continuously in talks with exchanges to get $NPXS delisted with a majority of the big exchanges already migrated.

If we see that the remaining 12% (It would be 15% but I reduced the % owned by exchanges) of token supply doesn’t get swapped at a decent rate, we might consider launching some marketing campaigns on our telegram groups to help everyone notice that there’s a swap happening.

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