Submissions from the 1st Anniversary Tik Tok Challenge submissions will be combined with the FXDM short video submissions

Dear Function X Community,

Thank you for participating in the FXCore 1st Anniversary Tik Tok Challenge! Because we received so few TikTok submissions and since they overlap with the FXDM short video category, the FXNEERs have decided to combine the two categories. In other words, all of these submissions will be eligible to win the exclusive prizes and the grand prize - a round-ticket to Singapore!

The updated rules are as below:

  1. Short videos must be submitted to FXDM before 23:59 GMT+8, August 5, 2022). Submissions may include:

  2. Posts IG/Twitter

  3. Tik Tok/ IG reels/ YouTube shorts

  4. The above submissions will be added to the Tik Tok Challenge and go through the FXNEERS selection process with the top 5 submissions selected for rewards in addition to the Grand prize winner

  5. The FXDM submissions for the other categories will go through the usual selection process, including community voting, which will start on Aug 11, 2022

  6. Staff are allowed to participate in the challenge

  7. Each individual will only be entitled to win a maximum of one reward, regardless of the number of submissions an individual makes.

The clock is ticking! Campaign ends on August 5, 2022

  1. Make a 30-second to 1 minute video of the Function X you love
  2. Share on your own Twitter account and tag @functionx_io with the hashtag #FXCoreturns1
  3. Submit your video to before 23:59 GMT+8 August 5th, 2022


  • First Place: 300USD worth of FX + 1st Anniversary special edition T-shirt
  • Second Place: 200USD worth of FX + 1st Anniversary special edition T-shirt
  • Third Place: 100USD worth of FX + 1st Anniversary special edition T-shirt
  • Fourth Place: 1st Anniversary special edition T-shirt
  • Fifth Place: 1st Anniversary special edition T-shirt

Grand Prize (one only)

1st Anniversary special edition T-shirt + a round-trip air ticket to Singapore to join a blockchain event with the team! (Accommodation not included.)


  1. The submitted videos should be no longer than 1 minute. The length of the video may affect your chances of winning.
  2. Each individual is eligible to win only one award.
  3. If any individual engages in spamming the campaign, s/he will be disqualified from winning any award.
  4. The grand prize does not include accommodation.
  5. All entrants must ensure that their submissions do not infringe the rights of any third party. All entrants agree that their submissions may be used for promotional purposes by the Function X Foundation.

Show your love for Function X and grab your chance to win $FX, T-shirt, and a ticket to fly :flight_departure: