Suggestions and priorities for both ecosystem

I’m creating this topic to discuss suggestions and what should be the priorities for fx and pundix ecosystem for a fast adoption at short, medium term.
Many things are happening in background, but some things could have some priority.
I invite everyone to discuss there thoughts.

Will put my suggestions as i remember and have time.

1 - Something asked by the community

No point to have cross-chain without have pundix and fx on others chains.
at this moment, i think that this should be top priority.
Everyone is running from Ethereum, users and projects. we definitely need to be at Binance smart chain and polygon at least.
This will be a big step to bring more people and give more use to FXwallet and Xwallet.
Market will automatically have more action, giving liquidity and exposing pundi and functionx in places with millions of users.
Users can use FXwallet in a lot more dexs etc.
This brings a real use in/out for ecosystem . would be a breath until other developments are out(EVM, DEX, etc )

2 -About Xpos and Xwallet
We need Dxpos as soon as possible and the possibility to have more tokens.
We lost many coins on pundi ecosystem due regulations.
and again fx and pundix directly on our ecosystem (pundixchain and fxcore) and also in bsc. (or in fxwallet)

3 - “xpos Light” version. not everyone will or can buy a Xpos.
A light version for tablet/smartphone would bring a lot more adoption.
Many countries are already accepting and regulating crypto, so many of them should be possible jump some certifications, regulations and compliance. anyway, would be a user (merchant) decision.

4 - Web plug-in
That should be something already implemented to complete pundi x ecosystem.
Have a “Xpay” for websites is something very important in may opinion.

5 - Cryptogift
Personal opinion, the cryptogift feature don’t work in fxwallet. This is one of features i always loved more.
This works in Xwallet.
Oh, xwallet seems a little abandoned. i miss use xwallet and xwallet chat. a lot more cleaner than telegram.
But many things don’t work. emojis, gifs, etc

6 - Bring back referrals.
this is a important thing too. and now we have Purse…

7 - Translations
About translations of wallets, dapps and websites
The community can take care of this as they can.
Can be used things like this where everyone can contribute as they can
I do some translations myself for some projects and is awesome

8 - Purse
Maybe make a awesome first page about purse in already existing domain,
if i am in a good mood day, i think i can do something cool about that

Have purse on Xwallet should be a matter of time, would be awesome and will avoid the bdl.
one more use for purse like cryptogift.

9 - Dust feature on Xwallet

Feature to convert small balances to Fx, PundiX or Purse like exchanges

10 - Purse Liquidity

11 - Create a referral program for fxwallet.
This is important and also good marketing. Can use the fxdm funds that are exactly for marketing.
We have many funds available.
Will need some work from team creating a little dapp or something that would be integrate on FxWallet.
About the funds, we could use a part of fxdm funds for that

A little dapp on fxwallet to access and control Farm of purse token

To be continued …

Sorry the English mistakes


Good threat.
My only thought is actually that i can agree with it all.

There are many plans and developments atm with loose ends, that have to be knotted together.
Sometimes hard to catch up.
I lack the knowledge to give good opinion what has priority.
I trust the team and know they work 24/7 to make things work right.

Point 1, i don’t know if team has influence on that?
Or if they have to depend on the orher chains?

Would be good if team would publish some sort of priority list and explain why things have high or lower priority, with time stamp.


many things already happening, that’s for sure.
sometimes is just a matter of put priorities , and make one thing at the time.
Start one thing and Finnish. then go to another. Is not that linear because some things depends of others sometimes.

About create token in other chains, that only depends of pundi or functionx. Maybe they already created :grin: but we don’t know

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I am fully agree with you.
First point 1. Bsc and polygon very importent

I like this suggestion as we all can give our opinions but there are obviously elements that dictates when upgrades are completed although these can seem like an illogical order - In my own view everything that can be done is being done at the same time and we get it as it comes; if we don’t have it’s because elements are still under construction.
Like the EVM I assume it has a lot to do with the speed of what we can add on,

I struggle to understand when we will see Core coins on CEX - I would understand if someone said there was a game plan here, are we going for our own DEX first, I can see the value as maybe it will de-couple FX from BTC maybe and hold value better, But what are we missing what don’t we know.

I think the BDL on PURSE will stop PURSE being popular, to be honest I don’t see PURSE bringing people to delegate PUNDIX like this we have already been stagnant in delegate growth since we set this level. I think this needs re-thinking, I could be wrong we are driving PURSE hard to reach for a popularity but I think it’s been over complicated, It could be great using the new crypto gifting PURSE through FX wallet to the twitter masses to start a flurry of people looking for PURSE; But pointless with the BDL, I see the BDL purpose and benefit but the majority won’t they’ll only see what they think their not getting.

would be nice to feel like PUNDI was in the position to do so serious commercial advertising I would like to know where the Team stands with that, what element hold back our world exposure, Example: like crypto . com

we don’t here enough about newly activated XPOS, actually near nothing, I don’t care if it only 1 country but we need regular news of activations; Maybe put a box to tick in the software of XPOS when a merchant is activating their XPOS while in the moment - tick this box if you would like free exposure that you have just activated your XPOS, once ticked it automatically shills them to all our social pages


I would bet more in dexs of different chains than cexs

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Hi there,

Thank you Claudio for this post and allowing us to express ourselves and suggest our ideas.


  • I really like the updates on xpos to be able to send stables and BNB to a decentralized wallet.

  • We need to fix a major problem on Xpos, the Fx price is really incorrect for example now you buy 1€11 on Xpos vs 0€56 (Coingecko),

  • I sometimes see spread on bitcoin, BNB, or others whose difference can be up to 3%. Why not use an oracle to update the price instantly?

  • I would also like to see more coins on Xpos, like SOLANA, ATOM, Shiba, PANCAKE, VELAS, AVAX, LINK and all other coins with large communities,
    for mass adoption. and see PURSE on XPOS too.


  • On xwallet, for a major adoption, you have to put more reasonable withdrawal fees like binance for example.

  • Allow users to withdraw on different blockchains, like BNB, TRON (stablecoin), PUNDIX chain and Fx chain.

  • I would also like to see more coins on Xpos, like SOLANA, ATOM, Shiba, PANCAKE, VELAS, AVAX, LINK and all other coins with large communities,
    for mass adoption. And PURSE

  • I remember when we heard about XRP on XPOS, the Ripple community was so friendly with Pundix.

  • It could be great to be able to stack our coins directly on Xwallet even with a low APR, just to have something to gain and an argument to recommend Xwallet to beginners.

Maybe with a random lock period.

  • Returning of affiliate links would be a direct reward for the community that promotes pundix on a daily basis.

FX Wallet :

  • I really like the BETA version,

  • Would love to have the ability to plug into many more blockchains in my case, solana, velas, moonbeam, CELO, Heco.

Purse :

  • Make it a metaverse token would be awesome.

  • I don’t like the fact to loose a pourcentage of PURSE on every transfer.

  • I would like see purse on Xwallet and XPOS !


  • We need more marketing wallpapers for cellphones for exemple.

Thank you for have learned all of this.


  • Honestly my biggest concern with both projects is the marketing aspect. The community is schrinking and the projects can barely to not attract new creators/developers/merchants/investors.

By Pundi X the reputation is negative for a long time bc of the big rise & drop in price that massacred a lot of investors in the process. Lot of ppl actively fudding bc of it and want to see the project burn. So far no effort made to try to change the negative sentiment.

By FX since it’s launch 2 community proposals for the EGF, both rejected bc it’s impossible to go over the 40% quorum without the team’s help. Nobody would want to make a proposal now bc it’s wasted time & money anyway. Also I don’t see much used of FXDM so i guess ppl not using that too and/or have forgotten it.

Now stats of social media platforms:

Twitter Pundi X Labs: 155K followers. Roughly 60 - 140 likes per post

Twitter Function X: 18,2K followers. Roughly 40 - 70 likes per post

Telegram official Pundi X & FX + market groups: mostly the same ppl you will see and lots of bots

Other Telegram groups: Mostly dead

Reddit Pundi X sub: 22,4K members. Mainly Superbit post in there and it’s already hard to get over 10 upvotes so the sub is barely active

Reddit FX sub: 1,9K members: hard to get over 5 upvotes. Sub is dead.

Both projects need a active & clear matketing strategy to attract ppl OUTSIDE of the community. The community can’t do that, It’s already too small and divided.

I fear for Pundi X side that the competition will grow bigger in their category meaning that ppl will rather choose other products for physical payment than of Pundi X and become outranked. FX side will simply become useless bc it fail to attract creators/developers. There are much bigger ecosystems to choose and have a lot more investors.

Both projects need to step out of the bubble and let their voice heard over the world! Constant developing is great but marketing need to be top notch too.

  • Pundi X Chain launched at 13th October. Now we are almost 4 months further yet the XPOS network is still not integrated in Pundi X Chain. Why is it taking so long?

  • So far there are 3 Pundi X crypto exchanges active in Türkiye. OVO Dijital Servisler said that their target is 100 exchanges in this year & 25 exchanges by March. Could it still be possible to reach that amount by March or was that too ambitious?

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about OVO, maybe too ambicious, opening stores etc is not as easy as you say

About twitter and telegram, specially twitter , i can do something about that…
Will make a proposal soon

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I completely agree. I’m also very concerned about marketing.
I don’t understand why this approach.
As the saying goes: Advertising is the engine of progress.
And the success of most projects lies in competent PR and marketing. I don’t know a single example who could succeed without it.
Work is excellent. But I’m worried that no one knows about this work. The Russian-speaking telegram group has a maximum of 10 live members. Maximum!)
This, unfortunately, is not encouraging. And most importantly, it is not clear and there is no explanation for this.

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Dear community, please understand.
This is not just criticism.
I am loyal to the project, moreover, I want to be useful. And I’m doing what I can and I’m ready to do more.
But I just do not want to doubt, and doubts unfortunately sometimes appear. I want everyone to be proud of being in a cool community. Not just hoping for it.


I second what @This_Dutch_guy is saying.

  • Regarding the marketing or even the publicity issue. This has been mentioned and asked numerous times before! Unfortunately I haven’t seen a lot of change nor did we get any answers.
  • We have FXDM. But has it been used for anything (beside maybe Ryan Matta)?
  • I really wonder when the new wallet (with the new features), the DEX, … will be launched, how will the masses know about them? A single tweet???
  • Why does the wallet still have no Russian, Dutch, Turkish language on it? I have to look it up but these were languages people wanted to help out a year ago…

PS: all this doesn’t have anything to do with the price-drop of the last weeks… that is just the market!


The absolute top priority.
I have been yelling this for half a year now.

@zaccheah @DavidK

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I actually made a dutch translation, but it never got implemented.
Now with the beta app it seems that work was for nothing a a whole new translation is needed.


Salute to @ClaudioxBarros, you have consistently followed our product roll out and have always shared objective feedbacks.

I’s a matter of execution and priority. If you were to choose ONE most important thing to roll out in the next three months, what would that be? For me it’s EVM for Function X and DeXPOS for Pundi X. I want to hear your no1s.

PS: your English is absolutely well.


that’s a yes from me bring on EVM & DeXPOS, I hope these will come out with a Bang! everyone would like to see the recognition these projects deserve - Maybe a media worthy Supporters competition to create the best exposure AD, maybe Zac can give them some special details to apply to their creations.

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Agree, evm and dxpos is the most important, my point is, give some action to pundix and fx while we wait.
I think launch tokens in bsc will not influence on the rest of development. “I Think” maybe im not seeing something


Nice Post.

In order


-Marketing / and Staff employed (these two take time to take effect, and by that time the following concurrently).

Having the rest come out, one after another compounded with the marketing’s awarenesses brought on, it will be more impactful, and each product progressions whether large or small eg product features will seem larger. Because atm, many great things went unheard, even though the team had been first in the entire industry to innovate new ideas.

-Cross Chain supports for all 3 tokens
-License/distributionship model.
-Pundi X chain
-EVM imminent anyways
-Influencer youtubers, twitters
-Redelegations to Public validators (secure network and better for DAO/voting)
-language supports
-Web API
-New partnerships & rekindled old
-Updated Roadmap

Product Features;

-Small wallet features/add ons
-All of the above comments/post included here.
-Other things can be back end portals.

There is a lot here. But to save time, it’s suffice to say we get the gist. Many are low end time consumption and as pointed out, the community need action