Suggestions & bug on fx wallet 2.1.0

Few suggestions for fx wallet.

The ability to add Folders in NFT tabs, sounds time consuming, and not priorities atm, I understand. It would be great for collectors with have lots of NFTs. Actually it could be one feature that is being missed by them to draw attention to the fx wallet…

Even the ability to reorganise them would be handy. Just nice touches

Bug found when trying to open starlink initially from anywhere withjn the fx wallet. It won’t load, stays stuck without anything on screen. Tested on android 13 and android 12. The solution is to hit the drop down menu and select anything. But won’t display the desired page users wanted.

Not sure how other sites are doing it, but when they add short cut to website links, they are able to display a nice icon type link rather than what we have currently for both functionx website and starscan.

The ability to favorite direct pages in “my delegation” as marked/favorite, essentially skipping many taps along the way. Delegations is used daily and heavily. Pro user’s will like this deeper short cut.

Also the favourite/marked icon tap button should be on the landing home page rather than the dapp centre “only”, maybe have on both places imo. Again pros will enjoy this…

Dark mode, is always a nice touch for those that want it.

Maybe auto scrolling of popular dapps at the top, in the dapp centre, or news, marginx, fox gaming events, announcements, or new upcoming dapps highlighted (any contents tbh) just some random ones given above.

My wife knows I have fx wallet with holdings, but I don’t want her to know how much haha, need the eye or horus, to shut her down. :face_with_peeking_eye: And not (maybe never, haha) show her, the constant total usd value stuck at landing page. Privacy is always an appreciated option.

The ability to add additional account on the wallet would be good, especially for validators who use the fx wallet.

Google store won’t allow the same app to be downloaded twice, unless another clone app is used. Some are using two phones to get around this issue.

The previous beta fx wallet allows having the same app twice on one phone (so one from store, and the apk file). But the old fx beta wallet didn’t allow full functionality like the new fx 2.1.0 release, and I did not find this as the working solution for a validators account - i tried it and tested it.

The apk file of the old beta fx wallet did not trigger the Google play store in any way, nor recognise it as the same app, it basically allowed both fx wallet on one device. This made me think it was possible to by pass it. Therefore one downloaded from store, and the other apk file updated or updatable can be a good solution.

As mentioned to @lancelai regarding the fx bridge which I’ve tested twice since the new airdrop aid by the team (for those who bridge more than 70usd or something dollars). The bridge worked with normal speed prior to this. On my first testing it took almost a full 24hrs, the second testing took approx 3hrs. Not tried to again. But have others here experienced the same issue? Should be a lot faster in conclusion.

All testing was carried on both android 12 & 13 even.

@Cho @Richard

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Faced with a situation. When we started talking about crypto. I decided to demonstrate FXwallet. And I really missed the “hide assets” button!) Maybe this is not a priority update. But in the future I would like to have such a function)

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I miss the hide asset button too. I feel every time unwell by demonstrating the fx wallet.


We should to have “BTC wallet” and “BTC LN” Bridge inside de F(x)Wallet.

Many people will come to F(x)Wallet to use this feature.

To enter on Lighting Network its not too easy. We need to do it easy to everyone.